Ted Cruz’s Democrat opponent Rep. Robert O’Rourke just put a serious damper on his bid for a seat in the Big House (not that there was any serious competition before).

Speaking at South by Southwest in Austin, O’Rourke said he doesn’t think AR-15s should be sold to private citizens. Mind you, this is a TEXAS Senate race and us Texans have big love for our guns and our second amendment protections.

That kind of hogwash might play well to the SXSW crowd, and probably to all the Yankee and California transplants in Harris County (though some have fled to the Lone Star State to enjoy our freedoms, not stifle them), but outside of that? He’s toast.

Shortly after the Parkland school shooting, O’Rourke bragged about his F rating with the NRA. Because in today’s world, our politicians think it’s totes cool to stand in opposition to our Constitutional protections, but I digress.

There are reasons why Cruz garnered more primary votes than all Democrat contenders combined. Democrat values and culture are largely isolated to select pockets of the Lone Star State and despite the media wish casting, is not representative of the whole.


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