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Illegal Immigrants Exempted from Out of State Tuition Hike at University of California

Illegal Immigrants Exempted from Out of State Tuition Hike at University of California

“translates to almost $1,000 in additional tuition”

As a result of this, an American citizen from another state will pay more than an illegal immigrant. So much for the left’s constant demands for fairness.

The College Fix reports:

Illegal immigrants shielded from University of California out-of-state tuition hike

The University of California Board of Regents voted this month to increase tuition for out-of-state students by 3.5 percent, a hike that translates to almost $1,000 in additional tuition.

One group of students who will be unaffected by the out-of-state hike, however: Illegal immigrants, who retain California residency even as they remain in the country illegally.

The vote to raise out-of-state tuition was held at a Board of Regents meeting earlier this month on Wednesday, Mar. 14. The measure, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of 12-3, came a few months after the board “postponed a vote to increase base tuition, which both resident and non-resident students are subject to,” the student newspaper The Bottom Line reported.

That vote will be held in May, according to The Line. The board “promised to rescind the increase if they managed to successfully lobby the Legislature for more money,” according to The LA Times. UC Regent Chair George Kieffer justified the tuition hike by stating that “core funds have not kept pace with increased enrollment” and that “UC now has 31 percent less available funding per student than it had in 2000.”

Though rates will go up for out-of-state students, The College Fix has learned that undocumented students, who are here in the country illegally, will still be permitted to pay in-state tuition.


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Why wouldn’t everyone just register as undocumented?