Teacher unions on the other hand, are all about caring for the children, right? Please.

The College Fix reports:

Teachers union president: Betsy DeVos ‘in her heart doesn’t care about children’

The president of the American Federation of Teachers played psychic this past week, claiming to know what is “in the heart” of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.*

In a Buzzfeed story about internal Democratic Party struggles regarding school choice and charter schools, the “clairvoyant” Randi Weingarten said

“In her heart, [DeVos] doesn’t care about children […] She is an adversary. She demonizes us, she demagogues us, but she does it while smiling. That’s part of why I find her so dislikeable — don’t smile at somebody and then put a knife in their back. That’s what she’s doing.”

Although high-profile Democrats like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton support charter schools, (charter) opponents within the party look to use President Trump to help their cause:

“The president is so wildly unpopular among Democrats that his support for some of these policies — which we’ve been working on for literally decades — had made the politics of supporting school choice much harder than it needs to be,” said Derrell Bradford, vice president of the school choice advocacy group 50Can.


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