Bad news, everyone. We have failed Mika Brzezinski’s wealthy liberal friends. When they jet off to places like Paris, they are embarrassed to be Americans. Now we’ve done it.

In the months since the election, Morning Joe on MSNBC has become a one stop shop for Trump Derangement Syndrome. In this instance, Mika Brzezinski really went out of her way to show how in touch she is with average Americans.

Brian Flood reports at FOX News:

MSNBC star Mika Brzezinski’s jet-setting friends are ’embarrassed’ to be from America

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski said her jet-setting friends are embarrassed to be Americans while discussing if there was any reason for optimism in the Trump era on Monday.

“I had some friends that went to Paris over the holiday… and they said they were just viscerally embarrassed to be American,” Brzezinski said.

The MSNBC star’s co-host and fiancé, Joe Scarborough, perhaps realizing she wasn’t speaking to the average American, tried to intervene with a joke, asking, and “Paris, Texas right?”

“Paris, France,” she responded. “They said it was the first time that it was sort of chilling.”

Brzezinski said her friends “didn’t even want to share” that they were on vacation from the United States.

Amber Athey of the Daily Caller makes an excellent point:

Maybe Mika’s friends should stay in Paris if they’re too embarrassed to admit that they are American. We might be better off.

Watch the clip:

A great point is made here:

Here, too:

There’s a great episode of the Simpsons where Krusty the Clown decides to try stand-up comedy. He asks Jay Leno for some advice and then reveals how out of touch he is:

“These days, people like observational humor, about things they deal with in everyday life.” – Jay Leno
“Oh, yeah, you mean like when your lazy butler washes your sock garters and they’re still covered with schmutz?” – Krusty the Clown
“Well, kind of.” – Jay Leno

Congratulations, Mika. You’ve topped Krusty.

Featured image via YouTube.


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