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Jamie Lee Curtis nuclear meltdown: “Hawaii missile scare is on YOU Mr. Trump…. YOU DID THIS!

Jamie Lee Curtis nuclear meltdown: “Hawaii missile scare is on YOU Mr. Trump…. YOU DID THIS!

Actually, Hawaii officials sent a false alert about an “Inbound Ballistic Missile”

I was a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, so it’s really depressing to read her reaction to the false missile alert in Hawaii.

Hawaiians got quite a shock when they received news of an incoming ballistic missile and were assured in the text alert that “this is not a drill.” It wasn’t a drill, but it was a mistake.

Helpful Twitter users attempted to help her out:


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It looks like Jamie has eaten too much of that yogourt that she used to hawk on TV. What an embarrassing idiot!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to inspectorudy. | January 13, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    Jamie Lee who?

    Well Jamie stop dropping DACA on Hawaii.

    It’s all on you and your daca daca daca filthy Jamie!

It’s reasonable that citizens be warned of an incoming missile … but it comes with it’s own risks. Someone makes a mistake … other people in the chain make mistakes assuming the first mistake was not a mistake … then some guy at the end of the chain pushes a button and starts a war. It could happen on either side … including via allies of the primary antagonists … and I want that guy at the end of the chain who has button pushing authority to be a level headed bloke … not some friggin’ arrogant, self aggrandizing, impatient, petulant, ignorant, cry baby nutcase such as we have leading NK and America. IMO Jamie got that part right.

    Mac45 in reply to PODKen. | January 13, 2018 at 8:48 pm


    Here is how this works. Regardless of whether some moron activates the State of Hawaii civil notification system it would not trigger any response from either the US or NK. Why, you ask? because the warning system is the END POINT of the whole attack/response program, not the beginning. In order for the US to launch a retaliatory strike on anyone, it has to be approved by several people at several levels, all of whom act as fail safes. The reason is so that your worse case scenario is extremely unlikely to occur; i.e. one loon pushes a button and set in motion a devastating chain of events. If the NK launch on any US territory, Pyongyang will be leveled by sundown of the next day.

      PODKen in reply to Mac45. | January 13, 2018 at 11:00 pm

      If as you say Hawaii is the end point … then it may be that an error earlier earlier in the chain could be a factor … which doesn’t exactly instill confidence that an error can’t result in a war.

        Milhouse in reply to PODKen. | January 14, 2018 at 1:56 am

        No, idiot, Hawaii is not the end point, the warning system is the end point. The warning is triggered by someone hearing on the news that a missile is coming in. The missile can’t be triggered by the warning.

        Mac45 in reply to PODKen. | January 14, 2018 at 11:26 am

        A notification to Hawaii civil defense notification from a federal office up the response chin COULD trigger a notification being sent. However, if published accounts are accurate on this, the transmission was triggered within the Hawaii civil defense notification office itself by a technician, allegedly during a routine systems check at shift change, and did noit originate at the federal level.

    Cleetus in reply to PODKen. | January 14, 2018 at 7:40 am

    Normal people look at a problem, perform a root cause analysis, and then lay blame on those who caused the problem. You seem to have adopted the childish approach of disliking a person and then seeking problems on to which you can blame him.

rustyshamrock | January 13, 2018 at 6:49 pm

Well, I smell coverup. I would suspect they were hacked, rather than a “mistake”. Who’s to say the NOKO’s didn’t hack them to create havoc? Think “rocket boy” wouldn’t do such a thing? Think about if he did, and then followed up (hours or days later) with a REAL attack. Look to Tuesday when the markets are open. Okay, removing tin-foil hat now…

Does North Korea, or its impetuous leader Kim Jung Un bear any responsibility? Apparently not in the liberal calculus? Liberals are willing to surrender to anyone but a Republican.

…give her a break, dick Durbin told her he heard trump say: Hawaii was a hole…

Imagine ,Trump gets accused of something fake that did not happen ,Who da thunk?

DieJustAsHappy | January 13, 2018 at 7:35 pm

I just wish she and the rest who are like her would get on with losing their minds completely and spare us all the hysterics filling the sh*thole news on a near daily basis.

There is no reason to assume the alert was a mistake.

“Somebody said so” is not a good reason. Neither is “somebody claiming to be official said so.”

It could be a message to Hawaii. It could be a message to the Norks. Those are two obvious possibilities.

Or of course it could just be a government employee screwing up. Not surprisingly, that’s the explanation we usually settle for.

Smoke some weed, ride the psychogenic wave, and chill.

So somebody made a proactive mistake — the source of which, whether hacking or other needs to be revealed, but a proactive mistake is certainly better than nothing. I think Hawaii is in a somewhat precarious position, but civil preparedness is hardly unwarranted. I personally doubt a NK missile could hit the islands, but… if the US or Japan detect a launch toward either country, we should immediately take out mucho NK military capability — preferably with cruise missiles, but maybe a nuke reminder.

casualobserver | January 13, 2018 at 7:50 pm

So? I care more about the average Twitter account holder’s opinion over some second generation Hollywood royal. And I care very little about tweets.

“I was a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis…”
I was a fan of her boobs, not so much of her acting ability.

This may or may not have been an “accident”. We’ll have to see who gets fired for it, or not.

Amazing. There is no end to the idiocy of the alt-reality crowd.

Ignoramuses like Curtis think’s Trump’s dangerous? How ironic.

Too funny. This morning I predicted nuts on the left would find a way to blame Trump for this human error. Sure enough.

Sad, too, as up till now I really liked Curtis.

Am I knucking futs or am I knucking futszzzz?

Needle in the paw. That one is stupid to breath, on her own.

She had a great scene with Dan Akroyd in “Trading Places”. The one where she acted naked.

Can we all agree that the civilian government in Hawaii is incompetent? To make a “Life is about to end” warning system with no instructions for anyone being warned what to do next, is about as stupid as telling an airplane full of passengers that they are all going to die. Any such dire warning system should have multiple steps before activation can be made. Then to take 38 minutes to correct it is felonious! Does Hawaii have any kind of civil defense network that has pre-issued steps for the public to comply with? Otherwise, what is the point of the warning? They are basically back to the airplane warning that they are all going to die! Inbreeding has its weaknesses.