It took the left a few years to start calling George W. Bush Hitler. With Trump, the effort began on day one.

The College Fix reports:

Professors: Trump exhibits all the criteria of an authoritarian, is ‘worst kind of super villain’

In another example of academics’ politically bigoted hubris regarding our current president, two Harvard law professors claim President Trump exhibits all four of their “dangerous authoritarian” criteria.

As noted in Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times column yesterday, professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt say in their new book “How Democracies Die” that quartet of criteria are

1. The leader shows only a weak commitment to democratic rules. 2. He or she denies the legitimacy of opponents. 3. He or she tolerates violence. 4. He or she shows some willingness to curb civil liberties or the media.

The only other chief executive besides Donald Trump to meet these benchmarks, the profs argue, was (you guessed it) Richard Nixon.

Of course, the profs inevitably invoke Godwin’s Law:

Likewise, the authors say, no more than 2 percent of Germans or Italians joined the Nazi or Fascist Parties before they gained power, and early on there doesn’t seem to have been clear majority support for authoritarianism in either Germany or Italy. But both Hitler and Mussolini were shrewd demagogues who benefited from the blindness of political insiders who accommodated them.


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