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U. Colorado Denver Profs: Use Classroom to Promote Social Justice and Fight Trump

U. Colorado Denver Profs: Use Classroom to Promote Social Justice and Fight Trump

“help our students…contest increased social inequality and exclusionary discourse”

These professors must not read much academic news. Their idea is already being used on campuses all over the country.

Campus Reform reports:

Profs propose using classrooms to counter Trump rhetoric

Two University of Colorado-Denver professors have proposed using classrooms to counter the “injurious effect on students” caused by Donald Trump’s election.

Omar Swartz and Lucy McGuffrey argue in an academic article published Tuesday that “given the injurious effect on students” faced in the wake of the Trump election, professors should infuse “social justice” into their classes to help students fight back.

“These students and their allies look to us for support and assurances,” they write. “The academy can, and should, help our students…contest increased social inequality and exclusionary discourse toward immigrants that is now being amplified by the Trump Administration.”

Citing feminist theorist bell hooks, Swartz and McGuffrey argue that professors “have the opportunity to labor for freedom, to demand of ourselves and our comrades, an openness of mind and heart,” and thus, to create an “engaged pedagogy” to enlighten students.

To fight Trump, Schwartz and McGuffrey urge professors to help students develop a “moral imagination” that would ultimately allow students to find commonalities between themselves and immigrants, as opposed to viewing immigrants as “others.”


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Might be a better idea to just teach the course subject matter … just sayin’. Tragic decisions being made by colleges, teachers and students.

“just teach the course subject matter” … BUT, when “the subject matter” is “liberation” as defined by left-wing dogma, one starts with an accepted conclusion and then works to support that conclusion.

A methodology that starts with conclusions must be inherently hostile toward any inquiry that might lead to contrary conclusions, or even express the smallest doubt that these conclusions might be incorrect in any way. The only inquiry that’s left open is how best to implement these conclusions.

An institution that values reason and rationality would offer only ridicule to such, yet it’s becoming increasingly apparent that reason is no longer tolerated in more than a few academic departments found on contemporary American campuses.