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New Conyers Accuser Claims He Verbally Abused Her, Appeared at Meeting in Underwear

New Conyers Accuser Claims He Verbally Abused Her, Appeared at Meeting in Underwear

“His constant stream of abuse was difficult to handle.”

Lawyer Melanie Sloan has come forward with inappropriate behavior that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) used towards her, which included verbal abuse and comments about her appearance. This happened when she worked as a Democratic counsel for the House Judiciary Committee in the 1990s, which Conyers still serves on as ranking member. From The Detroit Free Press:

She said he criticized her for not wearing stockings on at least one occasion. On another, she said he ordered her backstage from a committee field hearing on crime she had organized in New York City to babysit one of his children. Sloan made clear that she did not feel she had ever been sexually harassed, but that she felt “mistreated by this guy.”

“I’m no shrinking violet,” said Sloan, who went on to become the executive director for the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and later to open Triumph Strategy, a public affairs firm specializing in crisis response. “His constant stream of abuse was difficult to handle and it was certainly damaging to my self-respect and self-esteem.”

“It made me increasingly anxious and depressed about going to work every day. And there was no way to fix it. There was no mechanism I could use, no person I could go to,” she said.

Sloan said she told people, including “high-ranking member of then-House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt’s staff,” about the behavior. The people she told said that “nothing could be done” and one person even said rumors were going around that she was “‘mentally unstable’ for making the claims.”

Sloan did not witness any of the inappropriate behavior by Conyers that former staff have accused him of. But remember she only worked on the committee, not for the congressman. However, something did happen in his office:

But she said that on one occasion, she was called to Conyers’ office in the Rayburn House Office building for a meeting and, when she got there, he was in his underwear.

“He was just walking around in his office, not dressed,” she said. “He wasn’t doing it to hit on me. It was more like he could do what he wanted. I was quite shocked by it and left quickly.”

At first, Sloan wanted to make these claims anonymously, but changed her mind:

“Then I thought, ‘This is what’s wrong in Washington. No one will ever say anything publicly,’ ” she said, noting the widespread rumors of misconduct across the nation’s capital and a system that encourages people who are abused to stay quiet for fear of hurting their careers by not appearing loyal to people in power.

Sloan said she also decided to talk because some of what happened to her was consistent with the allegations against Conyers, specifically that he asked members of his staff — whose salaries are paid by taxpayers — to babysit. In 2003, the Free Press first reported on similar complaints among other employees in Conyers’ office. A follow-up Ethics Committee report was ultimately issued with Conyers — who continued to deny the accusations — eventually reaching a deal to ensure staff knew where their responsibilities began and ended.

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed published an explosive article about how Conyers settled a wrongful dismissal claim with a former female employee who said he fired her because she refused his sexual advances. Other employees said he sexually harassed them and had them fly in women that he was having affairs with using taxpayer money.

Through his lawyer Arnold Reed, Conyers has denied that he sexually harassed anyone. He did admit to settling the wrongful dismissal claim.

The House Ethics Committee has decided to investigate the claims against Conyers. He said he will cooperate with the investigation.

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) has called on Conyers to resign. From The Hill:

“What I am voicing publicly is what every single private citizen is saying across America,” Rice said on CNN. “Why are the rules for politicians in Washington different than they are for everyone else?”

She compared the multiple sexual harassment allegations against Conyers to the fallout after prominent men in Hollywood and the media were accused of sexual misconduct. Notable men such as Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK and Mark Halperin have all been booted from their companies and networks.

Rice advocated Conyers resigning rather than undergoing an ethics investigation as other other lawmakers have recommended, which she said will “take forever to come up with a conclusion.”


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She realizes something the bizarre Mr Cuomo doesn’t. That the public is not buying the Greater Good rationale being put forth by the Democratic Party. I.e., that women should suffer sexual harassment and assault in silence if committed by a liberal for the Greater Good.

4th armored div | November 24, 2017 at 12:31 pm

isn’t his behavior normal in the world of high finance, google, apple etc, all good democrat safety zones and of course in professors offices (our prof bill excepted) ?

No, you say, then why can Franken(stein), Conyers, Kennady Clanm Clinton Crime Family, et al,
behave this way on the taxpayers dime ?

Oh, I forgot they are Semoncraps – that explains it, never mind.

    I am not a fan of Conyers, but claims against him are pretty weak. My guess is the democrats are trying to leverage him. Maybe get him replaces with one of their plants. My guess is to get rid of Groping Al (before they lose the district to Rep. which they stole) and Conyers.

    Watch closely, I beat a lot of carnage is fallout from Hillary not getting elected. Conyers was not able to deliver Michigan in 2016.

    “Porn-O-Rama” Franken has become a useless idiot and he should fall for a more favorable character. That is the plan. That character will have a Hillary connection.

    Not sure if the Hillary machine is Soros driven or Tom Steyer.

Folks, this is a distraction and an attack on a black guy.

Something to think about

2014 Election:
John Conyers (D) – 79.49%

2012 Election:
John Conyers (D) – 82.79%

Education Level of electoral area:

Less than high school graduate: 19.2%

High school graduation 33.7%

Some college or associate’s degree: 33.4%

Bachelor’s degree: 8.8%

Graduate degree: 4.9%

Race of of electoral area:
White: 37.4%

Black: 56%

American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.4%

Asian: 1.2% Some other race: 2.6%

Two or more: 2.4%

Hispanic or Lation: 6.7%

Unless someone has something real good stuff on this guy, they better leave him alone or they will lose a large chunk of the Detroit voting population. This is a pivotal district for Dems. in Michigan.

Rep. Kathleen Rice

2016 Results:
Kathleen Rice 59.5%

Her Long Island area of Nassau County is like 71% White and 11% Black.

This one could be a fun one if the media does not shut it down.

Ask yourself why is Conyers the fall guy here?

“Indicted Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano’s legal team alleged in a motion to dismiss the criminal case against him that the federal charges were brought soon after a top county Democrat approached former President Bill Clinton to talk about the case.”

But……is there a link to all this…..hum….possible Jay Jay Jacobs Clinton Foundation character?

Fresh Off Clinton Foundation Africa Trip, Jay Jacobs Holds Hillary Clinton Fundraiser
Paid Hillary $260K for speech this year

….but that came from the Free Beacon, so it is a BS story.

    Read your work. Considered all your statistics. Examined all your assertions.

    In the final analysis: they make no sense.

    “Folks, this is a distraction and an attack on a black guy…”

    How lame do you think anyone reading this blog is?

      Or is your piece sarcasm?

        “an attack on a black guy” is the sarcasm.

        Something you really have to ask though is why is someone like Conyer under attack.

        The guy has been in some form of office since 1964 and a Korean War vet. His district has been key to any democrat elected in Michigan at the state and Federal level for the last 50 years. Recently his district was gerrymander to not include Dearborn (high Muslin area).

        With all the Unions in his district and issues with Detroit corruption , graft should be easy to find by this time and this is what they come up with?!. Over 50 years!

        The guy wins by like an average of 85% of the vote and the oldest member of the Senate. He pretty much stays in his swim lane and is not a loud mouth.

        Buzzfeed claims his settlement for abuse was something like 28K. Who knows if it is just a generational thing about the way he talks about stuff that got him in trouble.

        The guy writes for the Huffy Post! The guys is like the perfect democrat.

        So why would Rice want him to resign? She has only been in office since 2015.

        Could it be that Conyers did not deliver the 10 K of votes to give Michigan to Hillary? Rice’s district is Clinton Foundation country including Jay Jacobs.

        What does Conyer know? Why do they want to shut him down? Sloan pet is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). That is the best she can do?

        There are stinking fish everywhere here.

        The cost of losing a swing voting section in Michigan over this means there is something big hiding under a rock somewhere unless it is just a planned distraction and they really know Conyers is safe, because he is in his district.

          MarkSmith in reply to MarkSmith. | November 25, 2017 at 12:16 pm

          Correction “The guy wins by like an average of 85% of the vote and the oldest member of the House”.

          Could very well be conyers is hogging too much of the action – like clinton. While conyers is ‘delivering,’ his days are numbered and he’s peaked, so to speak. The ‘dump clinton’ young commies of the democrat party wants their own in power – conyers is to radical leftists what ryan and mcconnell are to the base of the GOP.

          The most radical left of the democrat party is taking it over the party, and they’ll be bumping out the old, likely corrupt guard while they still have the seats to grab for themselves.

          ‘Black’ has nothing to do with it. It’ll likely turn out that blacks are behind this – who else will be elected to conyer’s district but a black candidate?

          The ‘uniparty’ has blown it: both sides of the isle have proven themselves so corrupt, their most militant of their respective parties are taking over. In the democrat case, the ny times already gave the marching orders: communism is ‘in.’

          Our corrupted universities are right there with the ny times, and created a generation of useful idiots in lock step with them:

          Millennials: Communism sounds pretty chill:

          The GOP is now Trump’s party, except for the ‘unitparty’ GOPe hacks still left over in office. The GOP has a more even spectrum across its base, but the democrats have simply become anti-American, and threaten our way of life. The GOPe sees America as a mere stock to trade among themselves, caring little of what becomes of the nation beyond their privileged time in it.

          Interesting times.

This is interesting. Most of the Conyers pictures associated with this scandal portray him as nearly white.


Observation makes sense except that is not how Washington works. Seniority is everything including which committee you get to sit on. Guess who is on top?! Conyers.

Someone to keep an eye out for is Steny Hoyer. He loves to play in the shadows. Sander Levin (Carl’s brother) comes from a family of snake charmers.