I know this might come as a shock to some, but there’s more to life than politics. Secondly, who the hell do these women think they are to make such demands?

Forget the days of leaving your politics and religion out of polite conversation, the world now demands you stand and be counted for your right (or wrong) thinking.

Swift, popular as she is, has managed to do something few celebrities bother with these days — keep her political opinions to herself. On election day, Swift posted a picture of herself in line to vote, but declined to mention for whom.

“Taylor is not required to be vocal about her politics (obviously, every American has the right to keep their vote private), but it’s also fair to side-eye and question her decision to remain silent—and said silence certainly contributed to her rep,” writes Marie Claire.

And for her crimes, she must pay.

The article itself details Swift’s “problematic feminism” and the troubling supposition that she might be a closet Trump supporter:

Long before the Kimye drama, Taylor was on the receiving end of criticism for being something of a poster child for white feminism. For years, feminist critiques of Taylor have been mounting, taking aim at everything from her music videos to her mostly tall/white/thin girl squad.

There’s no one “right way” to be a feminist, of course, but when you’ve built a brand (one marketed primarily to young women and girls) on female empowerment, it’s certainly worth taking a beat and considering your critics. Taylor’s failure to do so in a meaningful way has had a huge impact on her reputation, and there’s no way I wouldn’t listen to a track addressing that on this album.

Bend your art to our insecure need to be validated by every itsy bitsy part of life or we’ll still listen to your new album!

As compelling a proposition as that might be, who can blame Swift for keeping her political thoughts to herself?


As is this:

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