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Marie Claire Magazine Demands Taylor Swift Explain Why She Takes No Public Political Stance

Marie Claire Magazine Demands Taylor Swift Explain Why She Takes No Public Political Stance

Stand and be counted so we can criticize and intimidate accordingly!

I know this might come as a shock to some, but there’s more to life than politics. Secondly, who the hell do these women think they are to make such demands?

Forget the days of leaving your politics and religion out of polite conversation, the world now demands you stand and be counted for your right (or wrong) thinking.

Swift, popular as she is, has managed to do something few celebrities bother with these days — keep her political opinions to herself. On election day, Swift posted a picture of herself in line to vote, but declined to mention for whom.

“Taylor is not required to be vocal about her politics (obviously, every American has the right to keep their vote private), but it’s also fair to side-eye and question her decision to remain silent—and said silence certainly contributed to her rep,” writes Marie Claire.

And for her crimes, she must pay.

The article itself details Swift’s “problematic feminism” and the troubling supposition that she might be a closet Trump supporter:

Long before the Kimye drama, Taylor was on the receiving end of criticism for being something of a poster child for white feminism. For years, feminist critiques of Taylor have been mounting, taking aim at everything from her music videos to her mostly tall/white/thin girl squad.

There’s no one “right way” to be a feminist, of course, but when you’ve built a brand (one marketed primarily to young women and girls) on female empowerment, it’s certainly worth taking a beat and considering your critics. Taylor’s failure to do so in a meaningful way has had a huge impact on her reputation, and there’s no way I wouldn’t listen to a track addressing that on this album.

Bend your art to our insecure need to be validated by every itsy bitsy part of life or we’ll still listen to your new album!

As compelling a proposition as that might be, who can blame Swift for keeping her political thoughts to herself?


As is this:

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You will be made to care.

    If you are not out to destroy those who are against us and our narrative, you are against us and must be destroyed.

    Alyssa Milano is our yard stick.

buckeyeminuteman | November 14, 2017 at 4:05 pm

As much as I can’t stand Taylor Swift, good on her for keeping politics out of her performances. If there’s one thing that irks me, it’s finding out some musician or actor I liked is a Democrat. Ignorance is bliss. Keep that stuff to yourself and entertain me.

A “women’s magazine” bullying a woman whom they suspect of having wrong thoughts? This is a perfect example of what leftists mean by “feminism.”

    Bullseye Fuzzy Slippers….

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to swjacobs. | November 14, 2017 at 8:22 pm

      Plus Marie Claire isn’t even an American publication!!!!

      It’s a Leftist Froggie one as the Brits would say.

      Mind your own business Marie Claire, before you find you have no business with customers left…..

    Guns and Ammo has 6 times as many readers. Might be a nice place for her to endorse her favorite gun.

    This is why Glenn Reynolds keeps saying that the Kochs or someone like that should buy themselves a women’s mag or five, and it would do more good than everything else they’re doing put together. These mags are not overtly political, but they’re subtly and intensely political and highly influential, and they’re all pushing one way: leftward.

Ms Swift is one of the more likable young business woman and entertainers in the music, celebrity world. Like Johnny Carson she should be allowed to entertain all Americans (& world) without a PC green card.

This is Orwellian. The Left is increasingly unabashed about exercisign its hitherto better-concealed totalitarian impulses and imposing its ideological “purity” tests on every facet of American life and society — in the workplace; in schools; in houses of worship; on the stage and screen; etc.

The brazeness that accompanies this mindset is as dangerous as the intolerance that it represents.

I’ve also been pondering that this odious and increasingly frequent insertion of Leftist politics into pop culture realms that used to be relatively apolitical and used to provide Americans with some measure of refuge from politics — TV shows; late-night shows; movies; pro sports; the performing arts; etc. — is decidedly unhealthy for the society at-large, in the long run. It heralds something that I can’t quite place my finger on — shades of a balkanized American society in which it is impossible to not be perpetually subjected to Leftist sermonizing and sanctimony and finger-wagging, directed towards the uninitiated, or, alternately, the uninterested.

Formerly known as Skeptic | November 14, 2017 at 5:12 pm

“We’re still waiting for an explanation of Taylor Swift’s decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election.”

^ This IS the explanation. ^

Maybe they can put a dunce hat on her and march her down the street with her arms tied to a pole ala red China.

Never heard of that magazine before and won’t bother with it if I ever run across it in the future. Who the hell do they think they are trying to force someone into stating a political view.

Taylor Swift actually represents what is right with America and should be celebrated rather than ridiculed. Lefties want Swift’s success without having to put in the hard work necessary to get there. Odds are really high they don’t really know HOW she arrived at where she is today, and more importantly, they really don’t care. The expected lifespan of a lefty has got to be declining because you can’t survive too damned long being this stupid.

Pro-Choicers are intolerant of choice. Perhaps if it were Choice. Abort her NOW. Send her profitable clumps of cells to Planned Parenthood. They too have a progressive [color] diversity quota to meet and profits to make.

I’m not into Swift’s type of music, but congratulations to Swift to keeping to music and not harassing listeners with her political views, whatever they may be.
Like Frankie Valli did last Friday at Westbury, mumbling about how Trump has to “tell everybody what to do” and how Trump is preventing people “from worshiping however they want”.
Like Cyndi Lauper did at PNC Arts Center some months ago, stomping for “girls just want funDAMENTAL RIGHTS”. What in the name of God does abortion have to do with a rock concert?
Ad nauseam.

I wonder if the remaining NFL fans still can make eye contact with each other?
Who needs bombs and explosives when the same effect can be accomplished by embracing left liberal progressivism?

Marie Claire’s CEO should sit down with ESPN and Kelloggs over at Starbucks, maybe they can brainstorm why the coming rejection?

Maybe Marie Claire’s CEO should hire Colin Kaepernick as a strategic consultant for successful decision making? I understand he is currently available. 
So are the financial backers and shareholders celebrating these decisions too?
Stupid liberals and business don’t mix.
Business and activism don’t mix, you would think these CEO morons would have more brains…
Business would be great if it weren’t for the customers… ask Kelloggs:
#DumpKelloggs: Kellogg Foundation Supports Group Headed by Cop-Killer-Loving Black Lives Matter Founder

Her silence will be construed as guilt.

Suggested Response:

Dear dumbass,

Because, you.

Michael Jordan once said, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

Over yhe weekend an old friend and business colleague stopped by to lift my spirits in my bed-ridden state. Together we we had sen many cases(both legal and win drawn to successful conclusions. We know well each ether’s political gleanings. opposites.

Ut this time wayout of the norm, hr was directing the conversation to specific issue setting. I said g those were topics U Only would have been too willing to discuss endlessly in a college dorm room setting over many beers and bongs.but I eon;t waste the few days or t he hours I have left over ouch truvial BS . Besides, my record of achievements. including many vauablpstents anduncontestable trademarks to outlast any record of KAp’S whicheill beconfined to obscure stat sheets,