If you need counseling after seeing something offensive on a bathroom wall, should you really be in college?

The College Fix reports:

Confederate flag carving in bathroom stall sends U. Maryland students to counseling center

At a meeting with University of Maryland officials last Thursday, students revealed a two-week old “bias” incident: Someone carved a Confederate flag in a dormitory bathroom stall.

The defaced stall in UMD’s Somerset Hall houses the school’s CIVICUS program, whose “founding belief” is that “engaged members of civil society have an obligation to be aware of the world outside the classroom.”

According to The Diamondback, in the meeting students complained to Chief Diversity Officer Roger Worthington about the lack of notification regarding the incident … especially since some students were quite traumatized it:

“Nobody really knew about the situation that happened,” said Zach Caplan, a CIVICUS member. “The fact that staff members on campus didn’t know. The fact that members in the counseling center didn’t know, even though there were students who had to go to the counseling center to receive counseling on that issue.”

From the story:

“I would hope to see more transparency in the situations with hate speech on campus and I would like to see more of an understanding that people should know what’s happening and it’s not just something the university is trying to contain to cover their asses,” said Caplan, a freshman government and politics major. …

Tomiwa Sobande, a Somerset Hall resident, said the lack of transparency about the etching incident helped foster the fear officials tried to prevent.