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Rep. Scalise Welcomed Back to Congress With Standing Ovation and a Speech That Will Leave You in Tears

Rep. Scalise Welcomed Back to Congress With Standing Ovation and a Speech That Will Leave You in Tears

“I’m a living example that miracles really do happen”

After suffering a critical gun shot wound to the hip during a June Congressional baseball practice, Rep. Steve Scalise returned to Congress Thursday.

As disheartening as the events leading to his months-long absence were, his return was nothing short of inspirational.

A hero’s welcome:

Scalise thanks Capitol Hill PD who saved his life:

Speaker Ryan was more than a little happy to see Scalise back at work:

And amazingly humble words from someone who almost lost his life:

His full speech here:

Welcome back, Rep. Scalise.

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He took more than a knee for his politics and beliefs…

So happy to see him return.

He is what you get when the opposition party incites a civil war and loses.

And the Twitter Trolls were promptly out in force within minutes of the news tweets, like pigeons looking for freshly washed cars.

It’s good to have Steve back. The trolls, not so much.

Praise God for this recovery! He’s walking using two hand crutches, but he’s upright and walking. Wonderful.

Thanks for this. A happy few moments spent watching this video. This made my day!!!

Rep. Scalise is well within his rights to look past the evil act, but the rest of us had better not do that, just yet. His job is to heal and get back to work; our job is to protect our system, our politicians, and our children.

An attempt on the life of any of our politicians is an attack on the republic, itself. So is a physical attack on a random person, for the purpose of embarrassing the other party. So is a public statement that encourages such acts.

There are some indicators that the shooter was a deranged person. There are admissions by Democratic operatives closely connected to the Clinton Campaign that mentally ill people have been hired for the purpose of, at minimum, injuring other people. There election records showing payments to rent-a-rioters. The DNC playbook includes hiring people for the purpose of “provoking” violence, and blaming it on the opposition. There was even a call to “disappear” a candidate for the presidency.

Democrats, it is time to clean house, and while you are at it, you can wash Elizabeth Warren’s mouth out with soap.

Scalise braves a bullet hrough his hips from a high-power rifle, and walks to the podium.

Hillary Clinton does nothing with her fat ass but steal, and she can’t make it up a staircase: