A day after a terrorist killed 13 people in Barcelona, a man has stabbed eight people in Turku, Finland, which is 104 miles west of Helinski. From YLE:

Eyewitnesses report hearing one or more gunshots, and seeing at least one person lying, apparently lifeless at Puutori. At least two people are reported injured, including at the Market Square, a few blocks away.

An Yle reporter at the scene says that the body on the ground at Puutori has been covered.

The police tweeted that authorities shot the suspect and took him into custody:

At a news conference, authorities said the suspect stabbed eight people. Two of the victims died. They also do not have a motive or can confirm if this was a terrorist attack:

Some people have uploaded images on social media. In this video, you can hear someone shouting Allahu Akbar.

*This is a developing story.