After Sean Spicer stepped down as Trump’s press secretary this week, Reuters News put a camera with a live feed outside the man’s house. No one seems to know why.

People were unimpressed and let Reuters know it.

Joe Concha reports at The Hill:

Reuters takes down live feed on Spicer home after blowback

Reuters set up a camera outside the home of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s hours after his resignation, drawing rare bipartisan condemnation on social media.

The news agency decided to take down the feed later on Friday.

Spicer abruptly resigned Friday after President Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director. He indicated in a tweet Friday afternoon he will stay on the White House communications team until August.

Spicer lives in Virginia. The 45-year-old has a wife and two young children.

The blowback against the U.K.-based news agency was apparent on Twitter, which included criticism from both sides of the aisle.

The reaction on Twitter was swift and harsh:

Concha got this statement from Reuters:

“We and other major media outlets were there to see if a statement would be made,” Abbe Serphos, the global head of PR and communications for Reuters, told The Hill in an email.

“When it was clear there would be no statement, we left.”

This was my reaction:

This situation is a window into the mind of our out of control media. They are in a constant state of readiness to take down the Trump administration. Anything that is perceived as a negative is immediately treated like scandal, even if it isn’t one, and dialed up to ten.

It’s the exact opposite of the way they behaved under the Obama administration where they played the role of defenders and protectors. To make matters worse, they are the only ones who don’t seem to get this.


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