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‘Gender And Racial Inclusivity’ Course to be Offered at Stanford Business School

‘Gender And Racial Inclusivity’ Course to be Offered at Stanford Business School

“will help “entrepreneurs create more conscientious companies,”

No word yet on when they’re planning to make it mandatory but shouldn’t we expect that’s coming?

The Daily Caller reports:

Stanford Business School Launches ‘Gender And Racial Inclusivity’ Course

Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business is set to offer a spring course on how to reject gender and racial biases and promote an inclusive workplace environment.

Stanford’s new course will help “entrepreneurs create more conscientious companies,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The course offering follows numerous accusations of gender and racial discrimination against Silicon Valley companies, many of which are taking a new approach to work culture in response.

This is the first official course that Stanford has offered dedicated to evaluating startup policies, following recent discrimination battles plaguing major tech companies. Both Facebook and Google have been fighting allegations of pay discrimination, while Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned after accusations of sexism in the workplace.

The “Building Diverse and Inclusive Organizations” course plans to examine how to “prevent bias from creeping into job descriptions and managers’ feedback — and how to promote stronger feelings of belonging” — with the aim of retaining women and underrepresented minorities at tech companies.

The course will ask students to look at case studies of companies’ attempts to improve diversity through policies, like expanded parental leave. “We’ll study approaches to organizational design that limit unconscious bias and produce more objective decisions across the employee experience,” its description reads.


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