Lawmakers in Louisiana thought the bill was needed but the governor disagrees.

The Daily Caller reports:

Louisiana Governor Vetoes ‘Overly Burdensome’ Campus Free Speech Bill

The Louisiana governor vetoed a campus free speech bill Tuesday, suggesting that guaranteeing free speech rights for students would be “overly burdensome.”

John Bel Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, decried the bill as a “solution in search of a problem,” according to Campus Reform. House Bill 269 had previously passed the Louisiana Senate by a 30-3 vote, and the State House of Representatives with a unanimous vote.

“This bill is a solution in search of a problem that creates a long, detailed structure for the evaluation of the freedom of expression on college campuses,” said Edwards in a statement regarding his decision. “However, this bill is unnecessary and overly burdensome to our colleges and universities as the freedoms this bill attempts to protect are already well-established by the bedrock principles” in both the state and national constitution.

The bill would have ensured that universities afforded “any person lawfully present on a campus” the right to political speech, so long as it was not disruptive. HB 269 also mandated a disciplinary hearing and allowed for potential punishment for those who impeded free speech.