If you remember the July 5, 2016 press conference by then FBI Director James Comey, you will recall how Comey laid out a credible case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton until the very last minute, when he announced that despite what he just said, he decided not to recommend prosecution.

I wrote at the time:

FBI Director James Comey gave an on-camera press statement today from FBI headquarters, and is taking questions from reporters off camera.

Despite finding serious problems and carelessness in handling classified information, rejecting claims that such information must be “marked” classified, and likelihood of foreign hacking, Comey says no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case because no bad intent.

Somewhere, David Petreaus and dozens of others prosecuted in the past are crying.

Because then Attorney General Loretta Lynch was tainted by her secretive meeting with Bill Clinton in an airplane on a tarmac, Comey effectively became the decision maker. While Lynch did not technically recuse herself, she deferred to Comey’s decision.

James Comey now is fired. Loretta Lynch no longer is Attorney General.

This seems to open up the possibility of a renewed investigation and potential prosecution.

That is, after all, what Trump promised during a debate:

I doubt Jeff Sessions will seek a prosecution, but if he did, he wouldn’t have to deal with James Comey anymore.

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