Regular readers are familiar with my disdain for Trump, having been a Never Trumper prior to the election. However, once he was elected, Trump became my president because that’s just how life works. (My thoughts on that here.)

I’m still skeptical of Trump’s ability to do the job well, but I grow increasingly aggravated with the collective political media set who seem to be doing everything in their power to destroy this presidency. We don’t have an opportunity to praise or criticize the administration and their efforts because the whole of our time is spent debunking misreported claims based on anonymous sources, none of which are favorable to Trump.

Trump often does himself no favors. But the current media state is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. The intended, healthy roles of government and media have flipped completely. News ought to be a rundown and sunlight disinfectant of the state and government goings on, but now, a small group of ideologically slanted political media is driving government, taking up a mantle once reserved for activists alone.

The media mouth-frothing has reached unbearable levels, and quickly.

Just this afternoon, the New York Times just happened to take up the task of exploring impeachment proceedings:

And CNN reported the White House was also concerned about impeachment:

Only for the White House to immediately refute the CNN story:

If the impeachment drums are beaten long and loud enough, then maybe the wishcasting will manifest.

This is not a new observation by any means. It was almost as bad in favor of candidate Obama in 2008, but a slobbering lovefest was far different than a media trying to bring down a presidency without a single shred of substantive evidence to date.

I’ve always enjoyed being a blogger and having a platform to tell the bits of a story or even just tell stories the mass media won’t, but as Professor Jacobson has discussed earlier this year, our purpose now is more clear than ever, and more vital. The truth demands we do our diligence in ensuring facts see the surface of the internet.

The events of this past week have birthed a new vigilance, not just within me, but in many who believe the truth a necessary commodity.


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