Earlier this month, students at Northwestern entered a venue where an immigration official was giving a speech and shut it down. Consequences are unlikely.

The Daily Northwestern reports:

Some students who protested ICE representative undergoing University’s conduct process, lawyer says

Some students who stopped a guest lecture by a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement public relations representative on May 16 are going through Northwestern’s conduct process, said Lam Nguyen Ho, a lawyer representing the students.

Nguyen Ho told The Daily the University is in the initial stages of pursuing a formal resolution under the procedures of the student handbook.

“The University has not indicated yet that they’re going to pursue any sanctions against the students or any punishment,” Nguyen Ho said. “Based upon our understanding of their position, they’re going through a formal resolution process, which may or may not lead to them seeking punishment against our students.”

Nguyen Ho, executive director of Chicago-based legal aid organization Community Activism Law Alliance, said he couldn’t specify how many students are being reviewed by the University.


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