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Sanctuary city mayor: police would be seen as ‘occupying force’ if enforced immigration laws

Sanctuary city mayor: police would be seen as ‘occupying force’ if enforced immigration laws

“it’s easy for white men like us . . . who enjoy what we enjoy . . . “

On Wednesday night, Virgil Bernero, the mayor of sanctuary city Lansing, Michigan, told Tucker Carlson that if his police force were to enforce immigration laws, it would be seen as an “occupying force.”

An incredulous Tucker responded, “people come into your country illegally, your job is to enforce the laws as a police officer, and you somehow feel guilty because you’re an occupying force?”

Bernero then played the white privilege card,  “it’s easy for white men like us . . . who enjoy what we enjoy . . .

Tucker could take no more: “I was taking you seriously at the beginning, but this is just buffoonish.”

Can there be any explanation for this kind of blatant disregard for immigration law, other than liberals viewing illegal immigrants as “undocumented Democrats?”

Here’s a link to the video of the full segment.

VIRGIL BERNERO: We believe in community policing. We believe the police have to have — and this is something my police chief studies and talks to other chiefs. They’re about building relationships with the community, they’re about police credibility and police legitimacy. And so if you’re seen as an occupying force, if you’re seen as an occupying force, something that the people don’t trust —

TUCKER CARLSON: I’m sorry: an occupying force in your own country? People come into your country illegally, your job is to enforce the laws as a police officer and you somehow feel guilty because you’re an occupying force in a city that you live in, in a country you’re a citizen of? How does that work? People come into your country illegally and all of a sudden you’re oppressing them? Like what?

BERNERO: With all due respect, Tucker, what I’m talking about is, our police have worked hard to build a relationship. It’s what we do.

TUCKER: Again, we have a federal system. “Occupying force”: it’s too much. That’s just too much.

BERNERO: But it’s not too much. It’s easy for white men like us to say that who are in the majority who enjoy what we enjoy, but the fact is —

TUCKER: You’ve got to be kidding. See, I was taking you seriously in the beginning, but this is just buffoonish. Now it’s like I’m a white man, so my views on this are less

BERNERO: That’s your perspective. Try to walk in another man’s shoes. Walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes.

TUCKER: I thought you believed in laws. Now you’re making racial generalizations? How about believing in laws?

BERNERO: We’re a government of laws and not of men which is why —

TUCKER: Slow down. White men’s views are less valuable? I’m not in a position to judge because my skin color?

BERNERO: No. I’m saying you could be enlightened.

TUCKER: I was thinking of comparing you to Orville Faubus but then I thought it’s unfair. Now I think it is fair, actually. You would say something like that. You would attack people on their skin color. What is this?

BERNERO: You could be enlightened by considering somebody else’s skin color, that’s all.


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Enforcement of reasonable, just laws is no way “occupation”. Try breaking into my home sometime and see what my “occupation” gets you! You will not like it!

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Romey. | April 6, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Firing Squads for Sanctuary City Mayors.
    It’s the Law for Traitors!

These aren’t ‘Sanctuary Cities’. They are de facto colonies of foreign regimes.

Shouldn’t the DOJ launch a RICO investigation into this organized mob of cities and mayors who are subverting and breaking federal law?

Can anyone find the oath of office for Lansing?

Hmmm. Occupying force of police versus an invading army of illegal aliens. I choose the former.

Isn’t “enlightening” (no pun intended, I am sure) because of someone’s skin color precisely what MLK was against?

In a more sophisticated era, pirate havens were tolerated by great powers because the pirates were annoying to other great powers.

However, there’s no such justification for tolerating (or, even worse, encouraging and supporting) criminal havens inside the United States.

Lansing is a lot like Seattle, a liberal bastion surrounded by people that think they are lunatics.

casualobserver | April 6, 2017 at 9:19 am

I saw that interview live. I told my wife, this guy talks like he just started in college and is trying to impress his Social Justice 101 professor. It’s amazing and scary to think someone so ideological AND decoupled from reality has been elected and reelected so many times.

    More frightening is that a sufficient number of voters think he’s a good representative. Believe it or not, but he took the Article VI oath of office, along with the counterpart oath required by the MI constitution.

    Uneducated and I-don’t-care voters and people who do not appreciate that the most important thing for a peaceful life is first and foremost controlling the government. Because there are so many of these types we have Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, all members of the Cong. Black Caucus, Democrats generally.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to pfg. | April 6, 2017 at 10:24 am

      Are there a high amount of “middle eastern” “imports” there in Lansing?

        There are a high amount of llegals here in Lansing! We are in the middle of the state with many farm lands to start with. Then we have the ultra liberal Michigan State University smack dab in the middle. Dare I say Visa over stayers??? Lots of them.

        I work in a business where we sell construction safety equipment – lots are working in that industry also. Not one of them speaks English!

        I hate it here in this liberal utopia – can’t wait to retire and get the hell out of here!

      Granny55 in reply to pfg. | April 6, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      The city council is as nuts as he is!

I’m trying to figure out why it is okay for these entities to enact sanctuary anything, while the state of Arizona was slapped down by the Supreme Court for enforcing its immigration law, SB1070?

The illegal aliens are the occupying force if they are living under different rules than the rest of us.

kenoshamarge | April 6, 2017 at 10:38 am

If we don’t like the laws then change them. We don’t get to decide which ones we will obey. That’s a nation of laws.

Deciding what we will enforce based on walking in someone else’s shoes is a path to anarchy.

I would suggest they, and their shoes, turn around and go back where they came from. Then, apply to enter legally. That’s what happens in a nation of laws.

This interview was simply a rehash of all the vacuous argument for obstructing federal agents from enforcing the law. It comes straight out of the Dem/Lib/Prog pro-illegal immigration handbook.

It would be helpful if interviewers really attempted to make the point that local police offices will NOT be enforcing federal immigration laws, unless the local jurisdiction enters into an agreement with the federal government for their officers to become members of ICE. We do have seperate jurisdiction in this country and state and local LEOs have no authority to enforce federal law and federal officers have no authority to enforce state or local laws. But, a LEO has a moral, and in some cases legal, obligation to inform an agency which has jurisdiction of a suspected violation of the law as well as a legal obligation not to obstruct an officer in the lawful execution of his duties or to aid and abet a person known, or suspected, to be in violation of the law. And, that is all that the DOJ is asking for.

These mayors, who hide under the umbrella of seperate jurisdiction, would be screaming the loudest if a federal agent witnessed a violation of state or local law and refused to report it, or worse, refused to take the same actions that a private citizen is authorized to take to assist local law enforcement in the enforcement of local and state laws. Just think of the uproar if an FBI agent refused to stop a fleeing thief or report a burglary in progress, because it was only a violation of state law.

Well folks let me fill you in on this idiot! I work in Lansing, MI and have had to listen to this used car salesman for 12 years! He is an ultra leftist/socialist. Lansing spends millions of $$$ on bike paths and parks for the snowflakes and every road in this city is a pot holed mess. And about 95% of all of the hires in the top spots in law enforcement go to SJW who think just like him. He is not running for re-election because he was boinking one of the city attorneys, they had a falling out and he put her on paid sick leave, then gave her a severance package worth thousands of $$$. Attorney fees to get rid of her ran over $100,000! Rumor has it – she has his love child. This whole city is a sh!t hole due to the mismanagement by this idiot! It is the mid-Michigan haven for SJW and then throw in kooks from Michigan State University and well – like I said – it is a sh!t hole. Only have 8 more months and I retire and I am out of here! Just a note – Lansing is the state capitol of Michigan so I am surrounded by liberal idiots and NO I don’t work for any governmental department.

Side Note about Michigan’s “efficient” government. We have an economic development office that “issues” checks (taxpayer dollars) to hand picked businesses for incentives to build or expand. The state issued a check to one of these “lottery winners” for double the amount it should have been $6.5 mil. Instead they got a check for $14 mil and it took the state 3 months to figure out how to “fix” the error! The business never cashed the check. 3 months to figure out that all they had to do was ask for the check back to be re-issued. Seriously – you can’t fix stupid!

Char Char Binks | April 6, 2017 at 6:37 pm

Shouldn’t America be occupied by Americans?

It’s important to remember that politicians are worse than how most people envision prostitutes.

If Mayor Bernero’s clientèle now largely consists of illegals, he sooo horny he love them loooong time.

I spent twenty years in the Navy. Which means I spent a lot of time around prostitutes. Now, before you look down on me so did Jesus. Not that I’m anything like Jesus. In my case it’s just because it was unavoidable. Try to avoid prostitutes in Pattaya or Bangkok. One of my favorite watering holes in Bangkok is (was maybe; it’s a long time since I’ve been back) the Kings X. I didn’t want to accidentally walk into a place where naked chicks from some hill tribe have been forced into working as entertainers shooting darts out of their nether regions to break balloons for the pleasure of bored German tourists. The Kings X was clean, the girls were nice and spoke English, and they had board games under the bar that you could play with the bartender or waitresses. Including my favorite, Jenga.

And yes they were prostitutes.

I spent a lot of time in Pohang, South Korea, because the waters during various FTXs are too rough for their little boats. As far as I can tell there are no good parts of town in Pohang. So I’d settle for the nearest tin shack that served OB in bottles that I needed to see opened with my own eyes before I’d drink it. With a few hundred of my closest friends and a slightly smaller contingent of prostitutes.

The reason I spent any amount of time at all in Bangkok was because of Cobra Gold. And Bangkok was just a way point to other garden spots like Hot Yai (summer in the city, back of neck feeling hot and gritty). Which was actually pretty nice once you got away from the main city and to the beach resort hotels the Navy would contract with to put us up.

Don’t worry, taxpayers, beach resorts in the vicinity of Hot Yai were then at least cheaper than Motel 6.

So I’d head down to Karaoke lounge out of sheer boredom and what would I find? Prostitutes. Who were actually pretty good singers, good conversationalists in English, and good company. Just like the Jenga players in Bangkok.

So before anyone gets judgemental, if I’m singing Karaoke with the prostitutes down in the hotel lounge or playing board games with them at the King’s X, do you know what I’m not doing with them? I’m not up in my room schtooping them. I don’t do that because I learned early in life not to do things I can’t live with.

This is just a long way of saying that when given the choice between associating with politicians or prostitutes, all things being equal I’d rather associate with prostitutes. They have higher morals and better characters.