John Harwood is the CNBC journalist who advised Hillary’s campaign on how to handle Ben Carson and later bragged to Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta about the rude questions he posed to Donald Trump during a debate.

Harwood’s attacks on Republican candidates as a moderator of a Republican primary debate were met with near universal mockery.

Legal Insurrection‘s persistent exposure of Harwood eventually led Harwood to block Legal Insurrection on Twitter.

Harwood resumed his routine on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning.

Harwood claimed that Republicans are “radically opposed to government itself” and asserted that “governing is about taking action to solve people’s problems.”

JOHN HARWOOD: On this question of opposition party versus governing party, the modern Republican party is radically opposed to government itself. They’re radically opposed to taxation. What is governing? Governing is about taking action to solve people’s problems. They want government to do less rather than more. And so what they’re trying to do on health care is an act of negation, it’s an act of taking things away that President Obama did.

It goes without saying that Republicans, and more particularly constitutional conservatives, are not opposed to “government itself.” To the contrary, they passionately support the kind of government that was conceived by the Founders and established by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

But whereas Harwood thinks that government should be about “solving people’s problems,” the Founders believed that the role of government is to respect the freedom of citizens to pursue happiness as they define it, in exercise of their unalienable rights of life and liberty.

Of course government has a necessary role, but it should generally be limited to doing only those things, such as defending the country against enemies foreign and domestic, that individuals cannot do for themselves.


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