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CA Congressman needs police escort out of townhall meeting

CA Congressman needs police escort out of townhall meeting

President Trump was the main focus of protest, anger.

Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t the only conservative who needed a security escort from a public event in California this week.

So did one of our state’s Congressmen:

Congressman Tom McClintock, a Republican from California, on Saturday faced a rowdy crowd at a packed town hall meeting in Northern California, and had to be escorted by police as protesters followed him shouting “Shame on you!”

McClintock was constantly interrupted and booed as he defended his party’s national agenda during the hourlong event at a theater in downtown Roseville, the population center of his sprawling congressional district, the Sacramento Bee reports (

Hundreds of protesters stood outside chanting “Vote him out,” while those inside the theater held signs that read “Resist,” ”Dump Tom McTrump,” and “Climate change is real.”

While no fires were started nor Starbucks vandalized, there were many mentions of #Resistance.

Attendees, some carrying signs that read “Resist,” “Dump Tom McTrump” and “Climate change is real,” pressed McClintock to denounce Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, acknowledge the science supporting the human causes of climate change, and oppose Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting refugee admissions to the U.S.

“I believe that order is constitutional,” said McClintock, one of several comments that elicited boos at the hourlong event.

McClintock’s visit drew hundreds of people, most of whom had come to express opposition to the new administration. Many identified themselves as liberal Democrats and progressives, while party registration in McClintock’s district – which incorporates all or part of 10 counties spanning from Tahoe to Yosemite – is solidly Republican.

McClintock pointed out the obvious, before he left with his security escort:

“I understand you do not like Donald Trump,” McClintock said. “I sympathize with you. There have been elections where our side has lost … Just a word of friendly advice: Remember that there were many people in America who disagreed with and feared Barack Obama just as vigorously as you disagree with and fear Donald Trump.”

Having been a citizen activist in this state for 9 years, I want to stress that McClintock’s area is about the reddest red part of our state. Given the amount of organization seen related to the #WomensMarch (as well as #DisruptJ20), I surmise that there was a great deal of progressive battle-planning before this event to have that many liberals congregate in small town California.

I think the organizers are going to be surprised at the consequences of their vitriol-infused Trump-hate.



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Welcome to the People’s Democratic Republik of Kalifornia…. not to be confused with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea….yet…

The GOPe does negotiate with terrorists…. They capitulate. Soros and the Silicon Valley Boyz are getting their money’s worth do far.

Nothing says ‘Grass-Root Movement’ like pre-printed signs.

We need a Secretary for the Dept of Justice NOW! Come on Mitch, let him come to the floor for the vote – I’m sure his replacement is a reliable Republican and he’s on site, waiting in the wings for Sessions to be sworn in.

The State of Jefferson (minus Mendocino and Humboldt counties) can’t happen soon enough.

Resist Socialist Oppression!

typical #Failifornia leftards….

vicious fascists when in charge, and whinny petulent children when they lose.

i’m waiting for someone to attack me here in Lost Angels, when i’m wearing one of my Trump shirts.

I am kind of surprised by this. I always thought California was big on saving rare and endangered species, and if there is anyplace in this country where someone is rare and endangered it is a Republican in California.

Do you think any of these kids will be embarrassed about these protests when they finally grow up?

I wonder how many of these people were actually from the congressional district.

As Ms. Eastman noted, this was not a “spontaneous” or grassroots demonstration. This was a well planned, orchestrated and funded operation. Once you accept that, then these demonstrations lose a lot of their gravity. However, when that happens, then the organizers will step up the violence.

    Wookiebush in reply to Mac45. | February 5, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    Mac, at the point the protests become violent, the protesters and their organizers need to be arrested and tried to the fullest extent of the law. Cowering or capitulating to violence is not the answer but has been the MO of the GOP for decades. That has to stop. The Left needs to learn that they cannot get away with any crap anymore.

    I agree that these were bused in agitators, astroturf.


      Do not think that this is merely a philosophical difference between liberals and conservatives. These things are all driven by anarchists [for lack of a better word] who seek to destroy the United States of America. These demonstrations are not simply a visible display of a different viewpoint on an issue. They are threats of violence [assaults if you will] against the nation for harboring any view not in line with the people demonstrating.

Bitterlyclinging | February 6, 2017 at 8:44 am

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