It’s starting to look like academia will be in full-on Trump derangement mode for at least four years.

The Daily Caller reports:

Public University Promotes Lecture That Claims White Supremacy Elected Trump

The publicly-funded University of Maryland (UMD) has now decided to promote a series of lectures that blame America’s “commitment to white supremacy” for the electoral triumph of President-elect Donald Trump.

Campus Reform reports that an upcoming talk scheduled for Feb. 13 will focus on “Understanding Race and Class in the 2016 Election.”

Students can attend the marquee lecture that sets the tone for evenings, entitled “Make America White Again? The Racial Reasoning of American Nationalism.” This racial reasoning can be broken down into “four pillars,” according to Prof. Mathew Hughey.

These pillars are described as “beliefs in nonwhite dysfunction and pathology; a white patriotism that loves ‘America’ and hates the state; a sense of whiteness as Messianic paternalism; and a palpable commitment to the nation that whiteness is under attack,” Hughey explains.