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Putin’s Russia makes gains in Europe, as Merkel’s Refugee Policy isolates Germany

Putin’s Russia makes gains in Europe, as Merkel’s Refugee Policy isolates Germany

Popular anti-mass migration parties gain strength in the E.U. as Germany, France and Holland head to elections

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has gained influence in Europe as Chancellor Merkel further isolates Germany with her open borders policy. According to British newspaper Daily Express, “Angela Merkel is losing her grip on power as European leaders openly side with Vladimir Putin.”

Despite months of back-channel European diplomacy, Merkel and top E.U. officials have failed to impose tougher sanctions against Russia aimed at forcing Putin to stop supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad. Merkel’s inability to unite European states could be attributed mainly to her refugee policy. Poland, Hungary and almost all the eastern European states have rejected Merkel’s call to follow Germany’s example and open their borders to uncontrolled migration from Arab and Muslim countries.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the first European leaders to speak up against Merkel’s scrapping of E.U. border controls for Syrian and other “refugees” in September 2015. Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had called Merkel’s policy of unregulated migration a “form of ritual suicide”. But the dominoes started falling quickly with Poland electing anti-mass migration Catholic-conservative party in October 2015. This tide turned into a perfect storm with British voters opting out of the E.U. following a Brexit vote in July 2016.

British newspaper Daily Express explains German Chancellor’s growing isolation in Europe:

Merkel is losing her grip on power as European leaders openly side with Vladimir Putin and the German population turns against her open door migration policy.

The three term Chancellor was desperate to impose year-long sanctions against Russia amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, but her supposed European allies have shunned her in favour of the Russian strongman.

Things have turned so bad for Merkel that even her junior coalition partner, Bavaria-based Christian conservative CSU party, doesn’t back her stance on Russia. Last year, CSU chief Horst Seehofer met Putin in Moscow and pushed for normalising strained bilateral ties. Seehofer also urged Merkel to agree on migrant cap as prerequisite for coalition building in run up to her re-election bid in September 2017. Merkel so far has refused to change the course on her open borders policy. As Wall Street Journal summed up her position following the Berlin terror attack that took place on December 19, “She continues to believe that Germany should not cap the number of refugees it takes in and that Europe’s internal borders should be open.”

Earlier this week, British opposition leader Nigel Farage blasted Merkel for inviting Islamist terror into Europe, following the deadly Berlin Christmas attack. “Public, right across Europe, are furious that the Schengen free movement area doesn’t just mean the free movement of good people – it means the free movement of bad people, Kalashnikovs, explosives and everything else,” Farage said. “[L]et’s just remember, she was the person who invited into Germany over a million people without being able to security check a single one of them.”

Meanwhile, popular revolts are brewing across the E.U. against Merkel’s “Refugees Welcome” policy. Political parties opposed to mass migration are gaining strength in Germany, France and the Netherlands, as these three founding member of the E.U. head to elections in 2017. Dutch opposition leader and Europe’s leading Islam-critic Geert Wilders called it the “Patriot Spring” against an unelected E.U. bureaucracy.

Ignoring the trail of blood and terror left behind by Merkel’s reckless “Refugee” policy, her surrogates in German media are urging established parties across the political spectrum to jointly defeat the anti-mass immigration AfD party in the upcoming elections.

With Germany, France and the Netherlands heading for elections this year, freedom-loving people of Europe will get a rare opportunity, that mundane elections cycle of democracy so seldom present, to decide the fate of their civilisation and future of their generation to come.

VIDEO: British commentator Douglas Murray on the consequences of Merkel’s migrant policy, after Berlin attack

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Here are two positions an intellectually honest person can simultaneously hold.

First, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an authoritarian who, though no Stalin, still subverts human rights, and is generally antagonistic to the idealistic aims of the United States . When Republicans cozy up to this sort of person, as Donald Trump has done, they undermine the stated beliefs and values of conservatism.

Second, though there’s little doubt he wishes he could, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not “hack” the American election. In fact, there’s no evidence that the Russians had anything to do with Trump’s victory.

Vlad is NOT someone any American leader should show any affection or admiration for.

See the period?

Saying that you admire someone as a leader (Putin) compared to the Leader of the United Sates (Barry) is hardly cozying up to him.

Only in the mind of the leftist is everything binary with no other shades of grey in between.

Great video by the way, just showing the gulf between the informed (Douglas) and the uninformed (that other geezer).

Morning Sunshine | January 5, 2017 at 9:52 am

I am under no delusions that Russia and Putin are our friends. I do admire the leadership that Putin shows to keep his nation and people moving forward and safe from certain extreme groups. He looks like the informed adult on the world stage, while Obama looks to be doing all he can to undermine our safety and best interests. I wish we had a leader with such a vision (although I voted for Trump, I am withholding judgement on him as of yet.)

It’s a sad day when Europeans legitimately look to Russian leadership sanity. It’s a poor trade-off, but understandably better that what they have.

God save us all.

    mailman in reply to Valerie. | January 5, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Yes it is a sad day…the day when you can’t even trust your own politicians because they have become some corrupted by the power they have!

    BUT…Russia is a problem, at least the leverage they have across Europe BUT it seems that is exactly what the EU has been doing these last decades. Passing energy policies that make countries dependent on Russian gas is just the kind of crazy that can only be achieved deliberately!!

Russia makes gains as the foreign and domestic victims of American and European anti-native policies in progressive wars, refugee crises (a.k.a. immigration “reform”), and social [in]justice adventurism become known.


That super-dooooper inside/outside intel on Russian hacking that Der Donald promised to reveal not later than yesterday…



      Ragspierre in reply to Valerie. | January 5, 2017 at 5:24 pm

      WTF does that have to do with what Der Donald promised?

      You really are pathetic.

          I’m not sure what Trump revelation Rags means, but I do know that Trump tweeting about the DNC refusing FBI review of servers doesn’t make Rags a “public fool.”

          This whole thing is being so far overblown that it’s ridiculous.

          We know the following:

          –Podesta is an idiot and his gmail account (a GMAIL account!) on which he was conducting top level campaign business was phished. By whom we don’t know, but I get phishing emails ten times a day or more. The Russians are certainly not “hacking” me (phishing is not hacking anyway).

          –Russia, via RT, and other means was indeed pushing propaganda in the U. S. against Hillary. They’ve been doing that since WWII (well, not about Hillary, but just in general). The Russians have a well-known plan for destroying our nation, and yes, part of that is and has always been to undermine confidence in our elections.

          –Russia did not hack any election or voting software, nor did they change via these nonexistent hacks, any votes. The only votes they may have–MAY HAVE–influenced were those influenced by late revelations about the DNC regarding Bernie Sanders (Sanders voters seem to have stayed home, voted third party, or voted for Trump).

          –It does seem feasible that Russia did hack the DNC . . .and release true facts. It seems more likely that some Bernie supporter was PO’d about the Wikileaks Podesta emails and/or about his or her own knowledge of the DNC plot against Bernie Sanders that he or she leaded to Wikileaks. Either way, this isn’t Watergate. Leaks and hacks and spying happen all the time.

          –Which brings me to an important point: Trump seems to suggest that he has no idea about the degree of spying that goes on between countries (allies and enemies alike). We’ve hacked a zillion sites from the UK to Germany to Iran to NoKo and beyond. We do it every single day. It’s spycraft, it’s intelligence gathering. It’s what we–and they–do. Trump should know this (heck, if I, some random blogger, knows it, so should the President-elect.).

          –Russia wants to destroy our country. Always has wanted to, always will. We aren’t the “big Satan” to them, we are the ever-lasting reminder that capitalism and free markets, liberty and freedom, are superior to communism and totalitarianism.

          –Trump will, hopefully, take a stronger, more realistic stance when he enters the White House. Right now, he is battling Obama who is trying to discredit and delegitimize Trump. The Trump stuff about national security and about Russia isn’t about either, it’s about keeping Obama in check for a few more days.

          –Russia is, still, an existential threat, and we can’t rally behind Russia in the misguided belief that Trump is doing so. He’s not. He’s spanking Obama and the media. Period. Russia is still an evil empire, and it’s become more free to be more evil under Obama. Don’t lose that truth.

          Ragspierre in reply to Valerie. | January 6, 2017 at 8:05 am

          Gorsh, Val, didn’t you know that your Great God Cheeto had alluded to “intelligence” he exclusively had that he was going to reveal no later than Wednesday…???

          You really need to keep up, hon.

If Putin is as smart as many claim, the time is right for him to become the pseudo-savior of many of the smaller, ex-Russian satellite countries from the perils of France and Germany. They do not want him as their leader or dictator, but they wouldn’t mind his support for the anti-Merkel movement that is taking over. Putin has always had bad relations with muslims and with the immigrant fiasco in Europe, he could easily be seen as the only leader there who has an ounce of common sense. This is like letting the fox into the hen house but when the house is on fire and the fox has the hose, then you let him in.

“We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”
Henry Temple

“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

“War is mainly a catalogue of blunders.”

….and as our Prime Minister here in Slovakia says: “There are no mosques in Slovakia, nor will there be.”

A Texan in Bratislava