Question for Cokie Roberts: how many refugees admitted into the US during WWII went on to commit mass-murder terrorist acts in our country?

The question arises because on today’s Morning Joe, Cokie contended that shutting out Syrian refugees would be like “shutting the Jews out during World War II.” Roberts made her remark in the context of claiming that the plans President Trump has announced are “extremely dangerous for the United States of America.”

Note: Roberts never explained how pausing immigration from countries known to produce terrorists would be “extremely dangerous” for the USA. She also emphasized that there are currently eight million child refugees in the world. Just how many of the eight million—with their parents, presumably—would Cokie like to admit? And what will Cokie say the morning after a “refugee” commits a terrorist attack?

Note segundo: Willie Geist expressed the same amazement this Insurrectionist has been feeling. Holy smokes: Trump really is going to try to implement his campaign promises!

Note tercero: A bit later, Mika said “I’m trying to adopt a family,” and that Trump’s immigration restrictions would make that harder. Mika planning to adopt a refugee family?

Bonus Coverage: Cokie Doubts Melania Capable of Serving as ‘Truth-Teller’ to Trump

Later in the show, Cokie Roberts expressed doubt that Melania would be capable of carrying out a traditional role of First Ladies: that of serving as “truth teller” to the president.  Roberts said that it is traditionally the First Lady who is able to tell the president to “behave” and that a given move isn’t working. “I don’t know who can be the truth teller . . . and that is a real problem,” said Roberts.

Mika defended Melania, saying she would be capable of serving as truth teller, but wondered if she would given that she is staying in New York with Barron. But that stay is temporary. And anyhow, there’s always Skype!

Roberts didn’t explain why she thought Melania wasn’t up to the truth-teller job. We certainly hope this doesn’t reflect some sort of bias against the abilities of immigrants on Cokie’s part!

WILLIE GEIST: All these things that some people thought were just inflammatory campaign promises that would get him elected are now happening within the first week of him becoming president. Today: build the wall. Extreme vetting. Remember in December of 2015 he said we’ve got to figure out what the hell’s going on? Well, that goes in today with an executive order. He’s doing all the things he said he was going to do.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The incoming is unbelievable.

. . .

COKIE ROBERTS: If the reports about what he plans to do today are true, I think they are extremely dangerous for the United States of America.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Which reports specifically?

ROBERTS: The reports that he’s going to restart the interrogation techniques off-shore that the CIA conducted earlier, before the Obama administration. The idea that he’s going to shut out refugees. Shutting out—there are eight million children in the world right now who are refugees. Eight million. And if you shut out Syrian refugees at this moment, it’s like shutting the Jews out during World War II.

. . .

ROBERTS: I was thinking about what Joe was just saying, somebody who could go in and say to him, look. You’ve got to get — behave, basically! And usually that person, frankly, is the First Lady. And she is often the truth teller to the president. And I don’t think we necessarily have that situation in this White House. And so I don’t know who can be the truth teller. There is no obvious person to be there and say, you know, look. I’ve known you forever, bud, and this isn’t working. Don’t do this. You know? And that’s a real problem.

MIKA: Well, actually, I do think she has the ability to do that. The question is will Melania take that role, given the fact she has got to stay in New York with her son.


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