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Cokie Roberts: Shutting Out Syrian Refugees Like ‘Shutting Jews Out During WWII’

Cokie Roberts: Shutting Out Syrian Refugees Like ‘Shutting Jews Out During WWII’

What would Cokie say the morning after a ‘refugee’ commits a terrorist act?

Question for Cokie Roberts: how many refugees admitted into the US during WWII went on to commit mass-murder terrorist acts in our country?

The question arises because on today’s Morning Joe, Cokie contended that shutting out Syrian refugees would be like “shutting the Jews out during World War II.” Roberts made her remark in the context of claiming that the plans President Trump has announced are “extremely dangerous for the United States of America.”

Note: Roberts never explained how pausing immigration from countries known to produce terrorists would be “extremely dangerous” for the USA. She also emphasized that there are currently eight million child refugees in the world. Just how many of the eight million—with their parents, presumably—would Cokie like to admit? And what will Cokie say the morning after a “refugee” commits a terrorist attack?

Note segundo: Willie Geist expressed the same amazement this Insurrectionist has been feeling. Holy smokes: Trump really is going to try to implement his campaign promises!

Note tercero: A bit later, Mika said “I’m trying to adopt a family,” and that Trump’s immigration restrictions would make that harder. Mika planning to adopt a refugee family?

Bonus Coverage: Cokie Doubts Melania Capable of Serving as ‘Truth-Teller’ to Trump

Later in the show, Cokie Roberts expressed doubt that Melania would be capable of carrying out a traditional role of First Ladies: that of serving as “truth teller” to the president.  Roberts said that it is traditionally the First Lady who is able to tell the president to “behave” and that a given move isn’t working. “I don’t know who can be the truth teller . . . and that is a real problem,” said Roberts.

Mika defended Melania, saying she would be capable of serving as truth teller, but wondered if she would given that she is staying in New York with Barron. But that stay is temporary. And anyhow, there’s always Skype!

Roberts didn’t explain why she thought Melania wasn’t up to the truth-teller job. We certainly hope this doesn’t reflect some sort of bias against the abilities of immigrants on Cokie’s part!

WILLIE GEIST: All these things that some people thought were just inflammatory campaign promises that would get him elected are now happening within the first week of him becoming president. Today: build the wall. Extreme vetting. Remember in December of 2015 he said we’ve got to figure out what the hell’s going on? Well, that goes in today with an executive order. He’s doing all the things he said he was going to do.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The incoming is unbelievable.

. . .

COKIE ROBERTS: If the reports about what he plans to do today are true, I think they are extremely dangerous for the United States of America.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Which reports specifically?

ROBERTS: The reports that he’s going to restart the interrogation techniques off-shore that the CIA conducted earlier, before the Obama administration. The idea that he’s going to shut out refugees. Shutting out—there are eight million children in the world right now who are refugees. Eight million. And if you shut out Syrian refugees at this moment, it’s like shutting the Jews out during World War II.

. . .

ROBERTS: I was thinking about what Joe was just saying, somebody who could go in and say to him, look. You’ve got to get — behave, basically! And usually that person, frankly, is the First Lady. And she is often the truth teller to the president. And I don’t think we necessarily have that situation in this White House. And so I don’t know who can be the truth teller. There is no obvious person to be there and say, you know, look. I’ve known you forever, bud, and this isn’t working. Don’t do this. You know? And that’s a real problem.

MIKA: Well, actually, I do think she has the ability to do that. The question is will Melania take that role, given the fact she has got to stay in New York with her son.


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Liberal heads exploding! More please!

Well you do recall how Jews in the 1930’s were constantly grabbing machine guns and shooting up nightclubs, driving trucks into crowds at Christmas, and hijacking planes and flying them into buildings. Weren’t they?

Shutting Out Syrian Refugees Like ‘Shutting Jews Out During WWII’

Well, that COULD be justified if she meant CHRISTIAN Syrians.

But she didn’t…

    Observer in reply to Ragspierre. | January 25, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Yes, in what country or countries are Muslims being systematically targeted for extermination, based on their religion? None. The only people who are being specifically targeted because of their religion are middle-eastern Christians and Yazidis, and Trump’s order doesn’t prevent them from obtaining refuge here.

    Furthermore, the WWII-era Jews who were seeking refuge from Hitler’s genocide didn’t adhere to an ideology that taught them that it was their religious duty to subjugate and kill non-Jews. Those Jews presented no threat to Americans’ safety, unlike many of the Muslims seeking refugee status here today.

Roberts said that it is traditionally the First Lady who is able to tell the president to “behave” and that a given move isn’t working.

Well, that’s certainly a … well, let’s just say interesting spin on American history.

Unfortunately Kooky didn’t footnote this thesis, so I won’t be able to look into her unique sources.

THIS is why NPR, CPB must be defunded. In part, anyway. Hey Cocaine (I don’t know her well enough to call her by her nickname), war’s over. The rapefugees need to go HOME, especially from all the muslim countries who extended their hospitality in taking so many of them in during the hostilities… wait, what? NO Syrians were taken in by any of the 57 muslim countries? Well, that’s odd. Never mind.

    Joe-dallas in reply to normbal. | January 25, 2017 at 10:40 am

    “wait, what? NO Syrians were taken in by any of the 57 muslim countries? Well, that’s odd. Never mind.”

    Just repeating an excellent comment

Blaise MacLean | January 25, 2017 at 9:49 am

Also, in terms of “refuge” Syrians are surrounded by countries where the authorities are not planning to commit genocide against them.

“What would Cokie say the morning after a ‘refugee’ commits a terrorist act?” Easy, blame Trump for not doing his job and vetting them. Being a Lib means never having to worry about what you said in the past.

I’m surprised that Ms. Roberts didn’t complain about the fact the President specifically exempted religious minorities (you know, the ones facing actual genocide) from his order. I would have thought that knowing that more of those icky Christians (well, and Yazidis, too, if there are any left alive) might get in would be more than Ms. Roberts could bear.

Oh, and Mr. Finkelstein? It appears that you are have FAR too much fun with monitoring MSNBC for us. I think that you might have to cease calling it “work” and return any payment received!

does she realize we did shut out the Jews prior and during WW2

    Again, she’s an undeserving, ignorant yenta.

      Besides, it was Democrats (the FDR administration) who shut out the Jews back then, and she doesn’t want to advertise that “bad fact” to her listeners.

    You beat me to the “we did” observation.

    Britain and the US even went so far as to shut down the making of a documentary film showing the insides of the death camps (Alfred Hitchcock was one of the US filmmakers working on the project) in part because they were afraid it would increase public sympathy for Jewish refugees.

Cokie Roberts is an out of touch liberal.

Notice to the left! The Trump administration is going to do
what is in the best interest of the country/US citizens. Obama’s open border is now closed!

Set up a safe zone in Syria! Provide the basic needs for the “refuges”.

Young syrian men are the refugees, while the Women, the Elderly and children stay behind to protect and defend their country.

Hey Cokie, I’ll take in 25 Jews if you’ll take in 5 Syrians.

Damn, this is fun.

The axis of terrorism from Benghazi to Aleppo to Kiev is like the Axis of fascists, socialists, and imperialists from WW II?

So, that’s why Obama could not stand his ground with the people and forced immigration reform (a.k.a. refugee crises).

The left stood by as Christians were slaughtered in the Mideast and Syrian Christians who needed the most help, got nothing from Obama. He said he would always stand with the Muslims and that he did. Cokie in Kooky in the head and always has been, as a matter of fact, she is a has been in the Dan Rather mode.

Jews had lived completely peaceful live in every European country for hundreds of years, muslims have never lived anywhere without violence and strife with their neighbors even if their neighbors were muslims.