“There, I said it. Mark it Down. Write it.” That was Joe Scarborough on today’s Morning Joe predicting that Republicans will be “wiped out” in the 2018 elections if they govern as far right as the Trump cabinet selections suggest.

Scarborough drew the analogy to the 1994, and more specifically to the 2010 midterm elections, when Dems suffered cataclysmic losses after an emboldened Obama admin governed from the left in its first two years.

Scarborough misses an important point, in the view of this Insurrectionist. Dems didn’t get punished in 2010 because of some abstract notion that they governed too far to the left. They lost because their liberal policies failed. The economy remained in the doldrums. And people could see that Obamacare was heading for failure.

But if Republicans push through reductions in taxation and regulation, and create an entrepreneur-friendly environment, why wouldn’t those policies succeed? What if by 2018 we are heading toward 4% GDP growth and seeing serious job creation? Why wouldn’t Republicans would be rewarded at the polls, not punished?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will tell you this. That Bob [Costa of the Washington Post] is right. Republicans need to look at what happened to Democrats in 1994 after they went too far left for two years. What happened to Democrats in 2010 when they went too far left. If they think they’re going to be able to go as far right as the cabinet selections suggest they are, they will be wiped out two years from now. Let me just say this. Before they’re even sworn in, because I was saying this about 2010. If Republicans go as far right as their cabinet choices suggest they’re going to go far right, they will get wiped out in 2018. There I said it. Mark it down. Write it, just like we said in June Trump could win.


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