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Anti-Israel activists already trying to hijack anti-Trump protests

Anti-Israel activists already trying to hijack anti-Trump protests

Calls for Intifada – BDS Settler Colonialism on display again.

Anti-Israel activists, usually acting under the banner of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, repeatedly try to hijack unrelated causes to turn them against Israel.

We have documented such actions many times, including with regard to Ferguson (Michael Brown) and Baltimore (Freddie Gray) riots, Eric Garner protests, the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest, domestic U.S. police shootings, Reclaim MLK marches, and the Black Lives Matter movement, among others.

None of this is solidarity. It’s conquest of other peoples and movements to redirect them to and focus attention on the BDS anti-Israel agenda. It is a form of Settler Colonialism, BDS is a Settler Colonial Ideology.

Not surprisingly, BDS groups are attempting to inject themselves into and dominate the anti-Trump protests and riots.

NYC-SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine), an extremist group that believes peaceful protests and boycotts are inadequate, is urging the protests turn into an Intifada — the violent serious of suicide bombings, shootings and knifings that have taken thousands of lives.

Here is some more video in which anti-Israel activists raised the Palestinian flag and chanted anti-Israel slogans as part of the anti-Trump protests and riots:

How will this end?

The way it usually ends in these hijackings — anti-Israel activists damage the movement they supposedly support.


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Muslims aren’t going to reform the Koran; supposedly it is the literal word of their god. So, if any of these BDS people are dual citizens, deport them.

We don’t need contrived conflict in America. Ejecting these sickos, and Geo. Soros – a man raised during the time of a mass murdering regime — we would certainly live together more harmoniously.

Paying people to riot. Sounds like a case for RICO.

It’s hilarious—the BDS Jew baiters and anti-semites parade in clear view right in front of the MSM while CNN raves on about Steve Bannon is a Nazi.

The MSM fits Talleyrand’s description of the Bourbons: “learned nothing and forgot nothing.”

If they set up the Palestinians as the enemies of the US government, that will certainly clarify things.

Like political cockroaches.

Professor, how can you be sure that these protests are being hijacked?

These protests were paid for by Soros, easily verifiable if you look at the permits or text the ###s on the pre printed signs.

Why wouldn’t Soros shill his various domestic and international causes at his rallies?

Here is what is really happening: with the Democratic Party weak, Soros is trying to hijack the angry left to work for himself.

    Old0311 in reply to rotten. | November 15, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Does this mean the stupid signs will be written with the words spelled correctly? Soros, making republican voters one at a time.