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Supreme Court Rejects Redskins’ Appeal

Supreme Court Rejects Redskins’ Appeal

The team’s case may still be resolved with SCOTUS’s “The Slants” case ruling

I previously wrote about the Supreme Court taking up the rock band’s “The Slants” trademark case.  At the time, the Washington Redskins were awaiting SCOTUS’s decision on its appeal to be heard along with “The Slants” case, and today the Court announced that it would not be taking it up, per se.  The Redskins’ case may still be resolved via “The Slants” ruling.

The Hill reports:

The Supreme Court on Monday denied an appeal from the Washington Redskins over the cancellation of the team’s trademark.

The court did not give a reason for refusing to take the case, known as Pro-Football Inc. v Blackhorse.

The Washington Redskins asked the court in April to hear its case if it also agreed to review a similar case involving a band called The Slants, which is [sic] did last week.

. . . .  The Redskins case shares some similarities. The PTO cancelled the trademark for the Redskins in 2014, calling it “disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered.”

The team rejects the argument that the term is disparaging and has fought to protect the trademark in court.

ABC News rightly notes that the appeal was a “long-shot.”


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