There is a possibility that Texas, a state typically owned by Republicans, could turn blue next month since Donald Trump only leads Hillary Clinton by three points. However, Clinton only leads Trump by three points in Florida. From CBS News:

The poll numbers show voters’ frustration about the dialogue in the race – and what may amount to a wasted opportunity for both. Sixty-nine percent feel Donald Trump is talking about things that he, himself cares about, while fewer, 46 percent say he’s talking about issues they care about. Clinton has much the same gap.

Both states showed the majority of voters plan on voting in November:

Voter enthusiasm is high in both states — in Florida, 73 percent of respondents said they planned to head to the polls on Election Day, with another 25 percent saying they have already voted. In Texas, 89 percent of respondents said they are planning to vote, with 4 percent saying they have already voted.

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CBS found that Republicans in both states have questions “about the validity of the election.” However, the feeling is stronger in Florida with 72% of Republicans in the state “believe Trump would win in November were it not for fraud.”

Trump said he would honor the election results if he wins, citing the possibility of voter fraud as a possible reason why Hillary would win. While 60% of all voters said the candidates should honor the results, only 42% of the Florida Republicans and 31% of Trump supporters take that sentiment:

Seventy-two percent of Trump voters and 60 percent of Republicans say Trump is “acting within his rights as a candidate” by calling the election into question, while 39 percent of voters overall feel Trump is “undermining a U.S. tradition” by doing so.

The left can cry all they want about no voter fraud, but there are reports out there that back Trump’s claims. Indiana is currently embroiled in a voter fraud battle, the home state of Trump’s running mate Mike Pence.

The poll found that fewer than half of the respondents believe Hillary can actually fix the economy and understands regular Americans. Hillary can brush aside her email scandal as much as she wants, but the voters polled in Florida want more since only 37% said “she has explained the contents of her emails. 49% think she can “act with integrity” as the president.

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In Texas, Romney won by double digits in 2012. But Trump has three points on Clinton due more to him “underperforming” more than Hillary “overperforming.” CBS News reported:

Clinton is doing about as well with key groups as President Obama did in 2008, but Trump is under-performing the Republican benchmarks by roughly ten points among white men, white women, and college whites in particular. Many of those not with Trump are unsure or voting third-party rather than Clinton.

In 2008 then-candidate Obama lost white men in Texas by more than fifty points and Clinton is down 35 points today. That’s still a big gap but the sheer number of voters that represents is part of the reason for the difference in the race. Meanwhile, Hispanics in Texas, who are supporting Clinton, say they feel very motivated to vote this year.


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