Mika Brzezinski prefaced her remarks by saying she wanted to phrase them “carefully,” but then, in the most careless way, Brzezinski clearly accused Donald Trump of being mentally ill.

On today’s Morning Joe, reacting to a depiction of Trump by New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters as being incapable of taking criticism of his performance, leading his advisers to communicate with him via the media, Mika said that was “very sick” and “it sounds like they’re dealing with someone who, doesn’t—how do I say this carefully—is very troubled, is very disturbed.”

Note: Peter’s premise is that Trump can’t take criticism, and so his aides communicate with him through the media. But his first example does nothing to prove that. He describes Kellyanne Conway praising Trump’s debating ability in the media.  So Trump can’t take flattery, either?

JEREMY PETERS: He’s utterly unable to process anything critical about his performance. And this has become a problem for the people who are supposed to be advising him. The advice that he will not take. So when he goes and lambastes these anonymous sources, part of the reason these anonymous sources are saying what they’re saying and part of the reason you hear his aides go on TV is because this is the only way that they can talk to him.

They can’t get through to him unless he sees them on the television or reads them in the newspaper so when Kellyanne Conway is saying Trump is the Babe Ruth of debating, she’s saying that because she knows Donald Trump will be listening and it will prop up his ego. And when aides are leaking things that are critical about his performance in various news reports —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That sounds very sick.

PETERS: — because he won’t hear it any other way.

MIKA: That sounds kind of like, Robert Costa, it almost sounds like they are dealing with someone who’s, doesn’t — how do I say this carefully? Is very troubled. Is very disturbed.


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