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Chris Matthews Fails to Identify Disgraced Pennsylvania AG as a Democrat

Chris Matthews Fails to Identify Disgraced Pennsylvania AG as a Democrat

Want political immunity? Be a Democrat!

Imagine that a Republican state attorney general had been forced to resign after being convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. Now imagine how the story would have been played on MSNBC. Fair to assume that the word “Republican” would have featured in the story’s first sentence?

But in a stand-alone segment on today’s Hardball on the forced resignation of Kathleen Kane, the Pennsylvania AG who was convicted on nine charges, host Chris Matthews failed to ever mention, and the screen graphics never revealed, that Kane is a Democrat. Kane had illegally leaked secret grand jury documents to harm a rival prosecutor, then lied about it under oath.

This kind of blatant double standard is a disgrace. Shame on Chris Matthews not just for the bias, but for his poor journalism in depriving viewers of relevant information.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane resigned today after being convicted on nine criminal charges. Prosecutors argued that Kane leaked information about a rival prosecutor and then lied about it to a grand jury. Once, and not too long ago, a rising star in Pennsylvania politics and the first woman ever elected to her position, Kane had already lost her legal license but had refused to step down until today. Kane could face prison time. She’ll be sentenced within 90 days. What a downfall. We’ll be right back.


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This is no fail. Matthews never intended to reveal party affiliation. Covering for his homies!

Exactly when did there become an expectation that Mr. Matthews would ever be impartial in his opinionated reporting? If your watching MSNBC and they don’t say the corrupt politician is a Republican then the default answer is they must be a Democrat. Even the casual observer of MSNBC knows that.

I find it interesting that that in every article on this yesterday had tjis quote:

“There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything,” the judge said.

Why did the Judge have to inform this AG of this most basic legal principal?


Democrats are united through diametrically opposed interests and crimes against humanity. They win at local levels where trickle-up poverty (e.g. redistributive change) suppresses the disenfranchised population and at national levels where shared responsibility reduces individual accountability.

They only get a pass in the democrat media.

The goal is to raise the exposure of the ‘right’ media.

Char Char Binks | August 17, 2016 at 1:28 pm

At least he didn’t call her a Republican, as many MSM journos have done with many disgraced and/or convicted Democrats in the past. I can only chalk up Matthews’ failure to do so to senility.

Ok…Im gonna say it (and Im only saying what you clowns are thinking)…yes Id go there!!! 🙂