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Chelsea: My Mom May Use Executive Action to Fix Obamacare “Crushing Costs”

Chelsea: My Mom May Use Executive Action to Fix Obamacare “Crushing Costs”

What’s the harm in a little more rule by fiat?

While stumping for her mom, Chelsea Clinton suggested Hillary Clinton would be open to using Executive Action to fix the “crushing costs” of Obamacare.

Chelsea explained:

This was part of my mom’s original plan back in ’93 and ’94, as well as premium costs. We can either do that directly or through tax credits. And, kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action, or she would need to do that through tax credits working with Congress. She thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of kind of the crushing costs that still exist for too many people, who even are part of the Affordable Care Act and buying insurance…

Shoshanna Weissmann of The Weekly Standard pointed out:

Earlier this month, Hillary encouraged a woman whose insurance costs skyrocketed because of Obamacare to re-check the prices on the Obamacare exchange.

In December, Hillary admitted Obamacare turns full-time jobs into part-time jobs.

Clinton still regularly emphasizes that, “before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare, as some of you might remember.”

Hillarycare is so good, it will take an Executive Order to reign in the out of control costs… not sure that’s how I would sell this, but then I’m not a Clinton. Thankfully.

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Gee, what could possibly go wrong with Hillary executive orders “fixing” Obamacare?

I just love Statists. Totalitarianism on top of incompetence is just so natural to them.

Chelsea should thank God she has the foundation to pay her a salary. McDonalds has only so many openings…and she might not survive probation as one has to WORK there.

    Observer in reply to TX-rifraph. | March 25, 2016 at 10:42 am

    All those expensive graduate degrees and Chelsea Clinton still doesn’t grasp basic economics.

    Her mommy can “fix” the crushing costs of Obamacare by pulling billions of dollars out of the air every year? Where does Chelsea think that a government that is $19 trillion in debt is going to get that money? Off mommy’s magic money tree?

    Her idiocy is breathtaking.

While mommy MIGHT have the ability (not the right or power under the Constitution) to monkey with the “law”…

she can’t suspend the laws of economics, and those are what create the REALITY of ObamaDoggle. It’s immutably, hopelessly unworkable.

    nordic_prince in reply to Ragspierre. | March 25, 2016 at 9:48 am

    With such magic powers, all the dems have to do to solve the problem of gun “violence” is use EOs to rewrite the laws of physics. No need to touch the 2A. 🙂

      Yea, but they won’t do that. If they did, the police and statist-government SWAT teams wouldn’t have the weapons needed to enforce the law terrorize the people. What will they do then?

Translation – My Mom will pay your deductible using other people’s money.

These are the three best ways to fix obamacare:

#1. Repeal it

#2. Repeal it

#3. Repeal it

Don’t all dictators, at some point, claim that they are only acting for the common good?

Why isn’t this vile, venal witch Hillary in prison already?

Might I point out something here? You’re missing the point. Hillary claims that her WORD as president will somehow cause billions of dollars to just appear and solve this problem, every year, throughout her presidency. The supreme court in my state has much the same idea about ‘magic money’ which can be generated by a wave of the hand, as they have just decreed that our state come up with 100mil to be put where they demand or they’ll shut down the whole school system.

This was part of my mom’s original plan back in ’93 and ’94…

Why, yes, that worked so well the first time, let’s try it again. Of course, Hillary was young back then, and now that she’s old…er, she’s a lot smarter.

I think the real story is a spokesperson for the presumed Democratic nominee implying that Obamacare needs to be fixed. This was predictable since most of the costs and taxes were back-loaded.

A daughter should look up to her mom. Unless it’s Chelsea, in that case she should run as if her entire extended family are rabid wolves.

I think wolves have killed fewer people (recently) than either of her parents did.

Chelsea: My Mom May Use Executive Action to Fix Obamacare “Crushing Costs”

I get the sense that Americans (be they left or right) weren’t taught how the Executive branch is suppose to function in a Republican form of government.

Separation of Powers? Checks and Balance?

Bill Clinton is not the birth father of Chelsea Clinton. Webb Hubbell is her father.….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.37.2985.SyUmam2hXII

Just last week Chelsea told us that her mom wanted to extend benefits to ALL illegal immigrants and now she is going to “Fix” the crushing costs with an executive order? There is no executive order that could fix either of these problems because there is no money for either one. She cannot freeze costs nor can she generate money. This is a capsule of the liberal mind at work. All they can comprehend are the benefits of a flawed law and none of the consequences of it. God help us if she is elected!

This was part of my mom’s original plan back in ’93 and ’94, as well as premium costs. We can either do that directly or through tax credits.

“Directly”: Making trillions of dollars suddenly appear with the stroke of a pen. Nothing can go wrong, right?

“Through tax credits”: Trouble is, you have to have more taxes before you can have more tax credits. Ergo, wealth redistribution.

Because that’s worked so well in the past.

When Chelsea says anything in public she should start with “I make $(fill in the blank) per year from the Clinton Foundations” and now here’s what I want to say to you on my Mommy’s behalf.