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Professors and Students at U. San Diego protest Trump by wearing “Muslim Yellow Stars”

Professors and Students at U. San Diego protest Trump by wearing “Muslim Yellow Stars”

The worst form of cultural appropriation.

Does this go too far?

Of course it does. Comments by Donald Trump about a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, which almost certainly never will happen even if there were to be a President Trump, hardly compare to round-up for extermination. There is no equivalent — fortunately — of Kristallnacht against Muslims in the U.S. The few instances of violence are being prosecuted, and one is still far more likely to be the victim of religious hate crimes for being Jewish.

The Times of San Diego reports, USD Professor Leads Silent Protest Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric:

A religious studies professor at the University of San Diego who is concerned about growing anti-Muslim rhetoric has started a silent protest, with students and faculty wearing yellow stars marked “Muslim.”

Bahar Davary, associate professor of theology and religious studies, came up with the idea during her class “Islamic Faith and Practice,” an introduction to Islam, and her students suggested several designs.

The yellow Star of David is what the Nazis required all Jews to wear prior to the Holocaust. The crescent moon and word “Muslim” draw the connection with today’s politics.

“What it symbolizes is that there have been people who have been made to be the ‘other’ throughout history,” said Davary, an Iranian-American whose academic specialty at the Catholic university is Islam….

“It’s not only Trump. It’s not only Ben Carson,” Davary said. “There have been anti-Muslim actions taking place. In some ways it’s frightening.”

According to the report, as many as 100 faculty and students wore the Yellow Star. But the professor doesn’t want the Muslim Yellow Star worn off campus, because, you know, some people might misunderstand:

For now, it’s a campus protest only. She advises her students not to wear the stars off campus in case the meaning is misunderstood.

I’ll say.

The irony, of course, is that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a big supporter and fan of Hitler, and the Muslim world is a hotbed of anti-Semitic propaganda and agitation. Jews routinely are demonized for being Jews, and the ancient Jewish communities in Muslim areas were expelled after the creation of Israel.

In Europe, Jews cannot walk the streets in many places while displaying any Jewish symbol or even traditional Jewish attire for fear of harassment by young Muslims.

The comparisons of Trump to Hitler are out of control.

But this is much worse.

No one misunderstands this misplaced gesture. We understand it all too well.

[Featured Image: Times of San Diego]


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Muslims are not the new Jews. They are the original Nazis.

    Milhouse in reply to BillyHW. | December 17, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    Yes and no. It is of course true that the Original Nazis™ had a significant following among Moslems, and this branch of the movement continues strong until today. But most Moslems were not and are not involved in that. And some Moslems are persecuted, sometimes at a level that Jews have historically suffered (not during peak times such as the times of the crusaders, the cossacks, or the nazis, but during “normal” times).

      davod in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2015 at 6:59 pm

      Sorry mate. Your education is sorely lacking.

      Actually, NO!

      Persian Muslims were the first that made Jews wear symbols such as stars as a sign of oppression.

        And this is relevant how?

          Could ask the same about your comment. But if you can’t figure it out, that is your problem.

          The post was about the use of the Jewish star in a way to stigmatize and oppress. It also was about a professor of Iranian descent.

          It’s ironic, then, to see how it was Muslim Persians who initiated the practice and how it is being used to compare oppression that is inapposite.

      Radegunda in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 12:27 am

      When the Nazis first appeared on the scene, some observers referred to them as “the new Muslims,” or to Hitler as another Mohammed. Hitler, of course, regarded Islam as an admirable creed.

      Jew-hatred accounts for a larger percentage of the Muslim “holy books” than of Mein Kampf. Of the part of the Quran written in Medina, 17 percent is devoted to Jew-hatred.

      An insane hatred of Jews is pervasive throughout the Islamic world.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 8:24 pm

      Milhouse, you are a sick, twisted f*, er, man. Muslims are not content with committing physical genocide of Jews; they are not content with erasing the Jewish presence from any and all historical records; now they must insert themselves into the Jewish experience and claim it as their own. That’s another kind of genocide. That you are an apologist for this claiming that not all Muslims, is sick. You are so busy trying to see the other point of view that you lose sight of the horror of a people—who participated in Jewish genocide, are still active in it—claiming the Jewish experience as their own. Every last one of the idiots wearing that symbol should be shot. They want to claim the Jewish experience? Let them have it to the full. Bastards.

    ConradCA in reply to BillyHW. | December 17, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    There isn’t any significant difference between Muslims, Nazis, Communists and Progressive Fascists. They all seek to rule a one party state and thru it enforce their will on society. There is no liberty under these fascists movements. The words the mouth to justify their actions are irrelevant.

Redefines ignorance and tastelessness.

This is the kind of propagandistic confusion the Collective specializes in and depends upon.

Black is white, up is down, good is bad, light is dark.

I wonder if the prof. would be jailed and tortured in her native Iran for associating with Christians?

I would LOVE to see these prog morons wear that symbol in ISIS-controlled territory. Bet they’d get their empty heads chopped off for it.

I guess these activists prefer that politically incorrect Muslims (e.g. national), Christians, Jews, etc. be killed under Obama’s kinder and gentler brand of warfare in the privacy of a journalistic penumbra. And the same fate for Americans and Europeans too.

That said, it is already customary under mainstream human and civil rights to discriminate and abort classes of people based on their religion, faith, allegiance, perceived burden, developmental stage, politically correct orientation, etc. Why are these activists so selective?

The Friendly Grizzly | December 17, 2015 at 5:31 pm

Another “studies” professor. Imagine my shock and surprise.

The few instances of violence are being prosecuted

Honest question: have there actually been any verified instances of anti-Moslem violence?

She’s actually got a legitimate point, but has taken it way way too far. This does raise an important question, though: at what point is it appropriate to trot out the Holocaust images? Does one have to wait for einsatzgruppen, gas chambers, and crematoria, or is it OK once the roundups begin? What if the USA were to pass something roughly comparable to the Nuremberg laws of 1935? What if a political candidate were merely to propose such laws? When does this go from completely overbaord and inappropriate to Niemöller-like warning? Was Kasich’s Niemöller ad inappropriate? I don’t think so. But if it was, then when would it become appropriate?

    Yeah, because suggesting a temporary halt to immigration without proper vetting is almost IDENTICAL to rounding people up, putting them in concentration camps and gassing them. I mean, it’s all just one morally equivalent spectrum, right?

      Milhouse in reply to Paul. | December 17, 2015 at 6:35 pm

      So you think until the gas chambers come online the comparisons are inappropriate?! Would it be OK to compare the Hitler of 1932 to Hitler?

        I think it is patently asinine to suggest that a discussion about temporarily halting immigration while we have Jihadis waging war against us on our own soil is in ANY WAY similar to genocide.

        There are many, many countries around the globe which have much more stringent immigrant screening requirements than we do. Are they all run by Nazi madmen who are just a hair away from gassing them all to death?

          Milhouse in reply to Paul. | December 17, 2015 at 10:26 pm

          There are no civilized countries that screen immigration by religion. And Hitler in 1932 was not openly proposing genocide.

          Barry in reply to Paul. | December 18, 2015 at 11:07 pm

          “There are no civilized countries that screen immigration by religion.”

          Patently false. Most of those “civilized” countries are screening to let islamists in and keep out the jews, christians, etc.

          Oh, and those “civilized” countries – they will not be civilized in another 40 years at the current rate. They will be on par with the rest of the mid-eastern shitholes. Thanks to suicidal civilized dudes like yourself.

        “So you think until the gas chambers come online the comparisons are inappropriate?!”

        You’ve outdone yourself on this one.

        I think you’re on drugs.

          Milhouse in reply to Barry. | December 17, 2015 at 10:28 pm

          Answer the question, yes or no. Is there any point before the gas chambers come online at which it’s appropriate to make the Hitler comparisons? Is it OK to compare the Hitler of 1932 to Hitler?

          Barry in reply to Barry. | December 18, 2015 at 11:02 pm

          “Answer the question, yes or no.”

          Yes, you are on drugs. Clear as hell. No doubt.

        Radegunda in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 12:38 am

        If you really think it’s just a short slippery slope from:
        1) Concluding that it doesn’t serve the national interest to import more Muslims into the country, considering that they generally have a value system antithetical to our constitutional republic and our freedom of speech, and that a large percentage want Islam to rule our country, and some will use violence to that end, and Europe is being devastated by mass Muslim immigration;

        2)Let’s round up the Muslims already here, and in Canada and Mexico too, and exterminate them …

        then it’s pointless to try having a reasonable discussion with you.

        I think you’re a typical Leftist enabler of Muslim attacks on this country, who is dishonest to the core.

        Vascaino in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 3:24 pm

        For your information when Hitler, who became head of the NAZI party had articles published in the Völkischer Beobachter in 1921, which when my late father, who was studying in Berlin, read them, said, “now is the time to get out of Europe.
        It was during the war that he explained a lot of things to me as we discussed the loss of some of his family.
        It was plain for those who looked and thought rationally about what they saw, that things were going to get bad.

    inspectorudy in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    You sir are an ass! When did the Jews start to behead or murder the German citizens before WWII? How in God’s name could you even imply such a horrible comparison? The muslim terror throughout the world today is the first step in the caliphate that they have tried three times or more if you get into the weeds of the 6th and 7th century’s. Any fool can see that there is a movement to overtake and eradicate the evil Christian religions of the world and replace them with the “Peaceful” religion of islam. College professors should be the spear point of the defense of Western culture!

      When did the Jews start to behead or murder the German citizens before WWII?

      Irrelevant. If you are accusing all Moslems of beheading and murdering people then YOU ARE A NAZI.

        Radegunda in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 12:45 am

        Can you read? Inspectorudy does not say or imply that “all” Muslims are beheading and murdering people.

        He correctly points out that many Muslims ARE in fact murdering and beheading for the sake of spreading the dominance of Islam over the whole globe, and that any comparison between the situation of Muslims today and Jews in the 1930s and 1940s is obscene.

        Open your eyes and look at how much headway Islam is making in the aim to take over Europe.

This teacher and her students are so brave it just gives me chills


Perhaps Hitler’s Islamo-Fascist allies wanted to kill all the Jews so as to provide for a Worldwide Muslim Safe Space? Nothing has changed.

    Milhouse in reply to pdxnag. | December 17, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    They certainly do. And let nobody claim they don’t exist or aren’t significant, because they are. That doesn’t mean islamophobia is not also a problem, although (for now, at least) a much much smaller one.

      pdxnag in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2015 at 7:18 pm

      “[I]slamophobia” is a nonsense word. It only makes sense when used in a sentence describing it as nonsense.

      A pious Muslim that is repulsed as no longer a problem. It he/she feels disappointment — disappointed expectations of asserted supremacy — that is not a bad thing at all.

      ConradCA in reply to Milhouse. | December 17, 2015 at 9:40 pm

      The fact is that only the terrorists and Iranians are real Muslims. Those who call themselves Muslims yet violated Islam’s commands to spread the faith by war and kill those who resist aren’t true Muslims. They are apostates. If they don’t want to suffer the consequences of the war we are waging against Islam they should find a different religion that’s not evil.

        Milhouse in reply to ConradCA. | December 17, 2015 at 10:37 pm

        Oh, really? And your expertise in Islam comes from which institute, and how many years of study? The Sheikh of al-Azhar is by definition the expert on orthodox Islam; he denounces the terrorists and calls them sinners, but you know better than him?!

          He’s practicing taqqiya as he should; read the Koran.

          Milhouse is a fool. He’ll gladly supply the knife used to behead himself to prove how open minded and culturally sensitive he is.

          It’s important to be culturally sensitive to a culture of hatred and misogyny, the rapists of children, and murderers of all.

How would she react to a Mohamad bomb in the Hat cartoon on the yellow star. ??

I wish I was around there I would wear a picture of Aasia Hassan, or Sarah and Amina Said. I found those two in two minutes, think how many more there are.

Muzzammil Hassan appears during opening statements during his trial in Buffalo, N.Y., Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011. Hassan is accused of stabbing and decapitating Aasiya Hassan in 2009 inside the studios of Bridges TV. The Pakistan-born couple founded the station to counter negative images of Muslims after 9/11.
The last words from Sarah were “Oh my God, I’m dying.” Then the 911 emergency operator heard a barrage of gunshots. Sarah, 17, and her sister Amina, 18, were found shot 11 times in the back of their father’s taxi, abandoned in a hotel parking lot.

Their father Yaser Said has not been found since that New Year’s Day seven years ago when he told his daughters to climb into his cab, he was taking them out to dinner.

Note: the muslim coward’s idea of his “muslim honor” dictated he shoot his beautiful, yet in his eyes worthless, daughters, shouldn’t that same “muslim honor’ tell him to face the world and defend what he did?

I am offended by coarse behavior of Muslims who talk about how they are being persecuted, every time some Muslim murders people.

These people clearly fail to value to lives of those who have been killed by the Islamist perverts, probably because they are perverts, themselves.

    Milhouse in reply to Valerie. | December 17, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    That is true. However it doesn’t preclude talking about Moslems being persecuted when they are persecuted, or when persecution, however light, is seriously promoted.

      Do you believe that changing our immigration screening process in order to be able to better identify potential Jihadi terrorists is a form of persecution?

        Milhouse in reply to Paul. | December 17, 2015 at 10:39 pm

        I think that excluding immigrants because of their religion is disgusting and un-American, and excluding our own citizens, which Trump absolutely did propose, don’t even try to lie about it, is unconstitutional.

          Juba Doobai! in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 8:28 pm

          Milhouse, there is no compelling state interest in importing Muslims. The Constitution is not a suicide pact though you are asserting that it is.

          “I think that excluding immigrants because of their religion is disgusting and un-American…”

          So, if there were a religion which forced women into subjugation, whose practice includes slavery, murder, and rape of the non believer, YOU think we must not exclude them because that would be disgusting and un-American. Gotcha.

      Lord Whorfin in reply to Milhouse. | December 19, 2015 at 1:00 pm

      What you call “persecution” some might call revenge, while others call it justice.

I strongly suspect that both observant Jews and observant Muslims, find the word Muslim in a Star of David offensive.

Muslims worry about RHETORIC while their fellows engage in murderous ACTS. It’s all about Muslims as victims.

The hypocrisy of this bit of appropriation is that the Muslims were active DOERS in the Holocaust. Bastards.

    Muslims worry about RHETORIC while their fellows engage in murderous ACTS.

    Remember that word: their fellows. Not them. Murderous acts are terrible; reprehensible rhetoric is much less so, but it’s still reprehensible.

    The hypocrisy of this bit of appropriation is that the Muslims were active DOERS in the Holocaust.

    Moslems. Not “the” Moslems. There’s a huge difference.

      Juba Doobai! in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 8:34 pm

      Milhouse, here’s what I think about Muslims: the jihadists are their legitimate army; the state armies are for show—they rarely ever fight or maintain materiel. The people support jihad because it is a central tenet of their belief system. When I say their “fellows”, I mean they are all complicit in terrorism. I have never met a people I despise more than I do Muslims (and I grew up in a country with them) because their book tells them to lie and kill for the cause and they follow the book. I should hate the sin and love the sinner. In some part of me that love is there but it is swamped by the lies they tell for and the support they give to the cause. They are not content with living in sadistic hellholes; they must inflict their misery, hatred, violence, brutality on the rest of us, too.

Jesus Christ.

The stupid…

It BURNS!!!!

When we were at war with war with Germany and Japan we didn’t allow their citizens to immigrate or reside in our country. We are at war with Islam now and we should allow Muslims to immigrate or reside in the USA.

    Milhouse in reply to ConradCA. | December 17, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Islam is not a country and we are not at war with it. We are at war with some specific Islamist armed groups, not with Islam as a whole. Moslems are not automatically “citizens” of those groups. During the war we did not exclude citizens of other countries who were ethnic Germans or Italians, nor did we discriminate in any way against ethnic Germans or Italians among our own citizens. We did discriminate against those of our citizens who were of Japanese extraction, and we were very wrong to do so.

      Radegunda in reply to Milhouse. | December 18, 2015 at 12:57 am

      Islam is at war with you whether you realize it or not.

      Orthodox Islam defines every part of the earth not controlled by Islam to be “the house of war” — i.e., to be at war with Islam by virtue of not having submitted to Islamic dominance.

      Orthodox Islam teaches that no part of the earth may be rightfully governed by non-Muslims, and that every other religion should be wiped out forcefully.

      If you had any real familiarity with the last 1,400 years of history, you would understand that the Islamic war against everyone else has been practically nonstop. There was some retrenchment for a couple of centuries, but Islam is definitely on the warpath again. It’s tragic that so many people refuse to see what’s in front of them.

Muslims wearing yellow stars is not new. In 2011, Sarkozy’s UMP party was going to have a debate on secularism:

A lay Muslim politician caused a stir this week by suggesting Muslims wear a five-pointed green star to protest against what he called persecution recalling that of wartime Jews forced by the Nazis to wear a yellow Star of David.

Abderrahmane Dahmane, who was fired as Sarkozy’s advisor for diversity issues this month after criticising the UMP debate, also criticised Cope for suggesting Muslims should no longer pray in Arabic — the language of the Koran — in their mosques.(

His star also had the word “Muslim” written inside.

The Jewish Encyclopedia traces the yellow star to the Pact of Omar in 640ce (

    Milhouse in reply to Daled Amos. | December 17, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    The Jewish Encyclopedia traces the yellow star to the Pact of Omar in 640ce

    That would be a yellow patch, not a star. The six-pointed star had not yet become associated with Jews. This Persian patch is mentioned in Shulchan Aruch OC 301:24.

      Does Rags know you’re trying to take over his role as premier commenter (Seriously? Nah!) on LI?

      Oooooh, this could turn out to be a commenting battle royal; Rags vs Milhouse! ????

        I secretly admire them both… honest, cross my fingers. Whether or not I agree (not important) there is a passion, and a logic.. well it’s truly, ahhhem, interesting and educational.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Daled Amos. | December 18, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    If ever a people deserved to wear an identifying armband it is them—persecutors and killers of men, women, and children; rabid genocidalists who would erase everyone else from history just so their demon can be triumphant. No matter how one sifts it, it all comes down to this: Muslims cannot be trusted because their book and teachings tell them to lie for the cause, and they do it. Therefore, no Muslim can be trusted. Not a one.

Trump will win and stop the Muslim invasion

    Radegunda in reply to gonzotx. | December 18, 2015 at 12:47 am

    Not long ago, he was expressing his fondness for the Muslims and blustering in outrage that some people were offending Muslims (or “everyone”) by drawing pictures and labeling them “Muhammad.”

It must have been Islamophobia that caused Muslims to attack American ships and take sailors as slaves in the 1700’s.
The war on Islamic terror is not new, but unfortunately our leadership refuses to call it for what it is.

I do hope the tykes get their wish and toss at least a few US college campuses over to the most violent repulsive sharia imbibing form of Islamic control. When the gay are whipped on the quad and the women are thrown out wholesale the looks on their faces will be priceless. UCSD-ISIS will be an awesome spectacle.

There’s is the thing about reaping what one sows. It is designed to help people see the errors of their ways. Maybe muslims should look into that since they can’t consider themselves the victim when the attacks they started come back to bite them.

RReaganConservative | December 19, 2015 at 9:56 pm

Talk about a disgrace, a slap in the face to the 6 million Jews slaughtered by Hitler in the Holocaust. How dare they make such a insulting dishonoring horrendous design. Jews never committed terrorism acts against anyone, did not commit genocidal murder against innocent people for decades, for centuries, as the Communists, Fascists, and especially islamist Muslims have done for decades, for centuries, and are doing to this day. Somebody at USD better get FIRED !!!