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Feds: Illinois school must allow transgender male unrestricted use of girls’ shower and locker room

Feds: Illinois school must allow transgender male unrestricted use of girls’ shower and locker room

Your daughters have to look at male genitalia in the locker room and shower, whether you or they like it or not.

This is the next battlefield, which already has arrived.

As far as the feds are concerned, it is unlawful discrimination if a school provides anything less than full, unrestricted access for male transgender students to areas previously deemed private girls-only areas, such as showers and locker rooms.

The NY Times reports, Illinois District Violated Transgender Student’s Rights, U.S. Says:

Federal education authorities, staking out their firmest position yet on an increasingly contentious issue, found Monday that an Illinois school district violated anti-discrimination laws when it did not allow a transgender student who identifies as a girl and participates on a girls’ sports team to change and shower in the girls’ locker room without restrictions.

These threats are being made by the same Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Education whose threats of action against universities led to the current kangaroo court situation on campuses, where accused students (almost always male) have few procedural protections.

In the letter, the feds made clear that the limitation of access to the showers and locker room was the only issue. In all other respects, the feds acknowledged, the District “has honored” the student’s “request to be treated as female,” including access to girls’ restrooms.

The school even allowed the student — who has not undergone a sex change operation — to change in the girls locker room, but behind a curtain, the Times reported:

The transgender student in question plays on a girls’ sports team, is called “she” by school staff and is referred to by a female name. But the district, citing privacy concerns, had required her to change clothes and shower separately.

The district said she was allowed to change inside the girls’ locker room, but only behind a curtain. The student, who has not been publicly identified, has said she would probably use that curtain to change. But she and the federal government have insisted that she be allowed to make that decision voluntarily, and not because of requirements by the district.

The school district, the Times further reports, says it is trying to be sensitive to the privacy concerns of girls:

Daniel Cates, the district superintendent, said in a statement Monday that he disagreed with the decision, which he described as “a serious overreach with precedent-setting implications.” In an interview, Dr. Cates said district officials had “worked long and hard” to develop a plan that the district believed would balance the rights of everyone involved. That plan entails having the student change beyond privacy curtains in the girls’ locker room.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the student doesn’t necessarily object to using the private area, but doesn’t want to be forced to make the choice:

But talks stalled after school officials said the student would be required to use the private area, as opposed to offering her a choice to use it. Although the student said she intends to use the private area or a locker room bathroom stall to change, the stipulation constitutes “blatant discrimination,” said John Knight, director of the LGBT and AIDS Project at ACLU of Illinois, which is representing the student.

“It’s not voluntary, it’s mandatory for her,” Knight said. “It’s one thing to say to all the girls, ‘You can choose if you want some extra privacy,’ but it’s another thing to say, ‘You, and you alone, must use them.’ That sends a pretty strong signal to her that she’s not accepted and the district does not see her as girl.”

In its letter, the feds rejected such concerns:

The District does not dispute that it has denied access to Student A to use the girls’ locker rooms.The District proffered as its legitimate, nondiscriminatory justification that it “based its decision on the needs of all students,” balancing Student A’s rights and interests with the privacy concerns of other female students. The District raised two specific constitutional privacy concerns. First, the District contends that ”permitting Student A to be present in the locker room would expose female students to being observed in a state of undress by a biologically male individual.” The District’s second stated privacy concern is that it would be inappropriate for young female students to view a naked male in the locker room in a state of undress. The District stated that “[g]ranting Student A the option to change her clothes in the girls’ locker room would expose female students as young as fifteen years of age to a biologically male body.”11 OCR finds the concerns unavailing in this case.

The burden of protecting privacy, the feds found, is on the non-transgender girls who don’t want to observe or be observed by the opposite sex:

Those female students wishing to protect their own private bodies from exposure to being observed in a state of undress by other girls in the locker rooms, including transgender girls, could change behind a privacy curtain.

The feds don’t even attempt to strike a balance. It’s all or nothing. And that all is that your daughters have to look at male genitalia in the locker room and shower, whether you or they like it or not.

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Fundamentally transformed. Check.

“Federal education authorities” says it all.

Resist this.

Why is the burden always on the majority to conform to the wants of the minority?

A commenter at Hot Air noted that this decision also appears to clear the way for any male who “feels like” a female to play on girls’ sports teams.

I for one cannot wait to see dudes dressed as ladies absolutely crushing real chicks in girl’s basketball, girl’s volleyball, girl’s soccer, girl’s tennis, girl’s golf, girl’s lacrosse, it’s going to be hilarious. Let’s all have another spoonful of equality.

Hoo boy.

It’s not that so much as that your daughters will be forced to display (more likely will refuse and thus unable to freshen themselves after rigorous exercise) their genitalia to those males.

Regardless of how those Trans males feel about who they are, they have all the visual cues of a male and thus cause reactions to those who are modest and desire their privacy to not be intruded upon.

This is worse than the TSA groping your grandmother. If we permit this inane BS then we deserve to be swallowed up by a 7th century Bedouin death cult because we no longer have a moral compass that all can follow.

    Observer in reply to jakee308. | November 3, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    If I were in charge of the school district here, I’d tell the feds to GFY.

    “These threats are being made by the same Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Education whose threats of action against universities led to the current kangaroo court situation on campuses, where accused students (almost always male) have few procedural protections.”

    IIRC, that is the same division that recently admitted in testimony before congress that it doesn’t actually have the legal authority to require those campus kangaroo courts. They just sent an “advisory” letter to all the colleges and universities, demanding that they comply with their ludicrous demands — and they did.

    The school district here should do what those colleges and universities should have done: tell the fascist federal bureaucrats to take their PC-madness and shove it.

    This corrupt administration has learned that it can use threats of litigation to intimidate people into doing all sorts of stupid stuff. The best type of response to this is defiance. Loud, proud, and frequent defiance. If they want legal action, give it to them good and hard.

DINORightMarie | November 3, 2015 at 10:35 am

…and when the first girl is raped in the locker room or shower, is it going to be called RAPE, or will it be swept away as less important than the boy’s “trans” “feelings”?!

Lord, protect these children in public schools! And help parents to stand up and against this, or give them the ability to pull their children OUT of this nightmare that is called the “public school education system.”

Remember that it is the Senate and the House that provide the laws and the funds for these agencies to function or even exist.

Will some real reporter please ask Hillary if she supports boys showering with girls, per this decision?

Time to teach your daughters some self defense martial arts. Oh, and have them memorize “Get away from me or I will do your surgery for free.”

Sammy Finkelman | November 3, 2015 at 10:57 am

The status of that boy is is what is not called, but should be called, a legal fiction.

Legally, a person is either male or female, and the doctors say he is female now, so there you go.

Parents need to teach their school age children about civil disobedience. If enough students refuse to attend school under such circumstances it will kill such dictats from the DoE.

On the capitalist side of things, a great market is thus opened: many parents cannot afford to personally stay home and home school their kids, but entrepreneurial unemployed college grads and others might make themselves affordable. Privatize education and f**k the ‘laws’.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Henry Hawkins. | November 3, 2015 at 11:07 am

    My four nieces have been home-schooled, but a few years ago they moved toward a church based group to gain broader support. I’m not sure what the legal parameters are, but they seem to like it, and such networks are growing, from what I hear.

    This is going to get easier, especially as better course materials become available online.

While gender roles may be flexible, humans only exist as male and female. Also, irrespective of his preferred orientation, he will still need to register for Selective Service.

So, the “rights” of one individual out weigh the rights of many individuals. That is liberalism in a nutshell. Your rights don’t matter. Only their rights matter.

    Sanddog in reply to rokiloki. | November 3, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I don’t recognize HIS right to force everyone around HIM to feed his delusion that HE is a girl. We need to stop pandering to mental illness. It doesn’t help him and it doesn’t help society.

This Obama Nudge will come to an unhappy and inconspicuous ending, I confidently predict.


It’s going to be tough on the last guy with dick.

Having a child in public school is a form of child abuse (in most schools in America).

See the period?

My mother-in-law introduced me to a term, “the tyranny of the infirm.” She was talking about the kind of aged or frail person that uses their physical limitations to unfairly impose burdens on a healthy person. Ann Landers had a saying “At this rate, they’ll bury you before they bury X.” This is similar.

There have been several cases where schools have offered special privacy for trans kids, by letting them use the teachers’ facilities. This hasn’t been enough for the adults directing the kids, who want to impose upon the other kids.

What kind of pervert (I am talking about the adults, here. It’s fairly clear the kids’ wishes are a distant second) wants to deprive adolescent girls and boys of the right to shower in at least relative privacy?

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Valerie. | November 3, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    “What kind of pervert (I am talking about the adults, here. It’s fairly clear the kids’ wishes are a distant second) wants to deprive adolescent girls and boys of the right to shower in at least relative privacy?”

    I picture an anorexically thin female in slacks, sensible shoes, silk blouse, and those huge glasses like Joyce Carol Oates wears or did wear. She drives a Subaru, majored in feminist studies, has a “civil” “service” “job” in some agency that did not exist before the 1970s. She has a lot of cats, and claims she does not watch television.

Then there is the looming spectre of forcing young women to register for the draft when they turn eighteen, thanks to Obama leading the charge on women being forced into combat.

That one will also rot on the Socialist vine when the population comes down on the Democrats like Thor’s Hammer.

Socialists Gone Wild are heading into a one way tunnel which will cave in on the lot.

Given enough rope, they will politically hang themselves and it is already in progress.

The Democrat Empire is cracking and trimbling… by its own hand.

And this is why we home school. I just wonder how long before Democrats come after us. My daughter is in 4th grade and I’m teaching her self defense because of this crap. I’m also concerned about public bathrooms, so I stand close watch at restaurants and other areas. I see a man try and go in to a bathroom where my daughter is, you’ll see the results on the news most likely.

Also, it is way past time for any supporter of gay marriage to denounce their prior support. Look at what has happened since. You were warned and now the evidence is flooding in that it was never about equality but the power to force us into submission.

The School District should mandate that every student in the locker rooms and showers, for both sexes, must use privacy curtains. After all, with the prevalence of cameras today, it is important to minimize the possibility of someone photographing the children and disseminating such images. Then the transgender student is not being singled out since the School District will provide curtains for everyone, and require their use.

My mind says this is sarcasm, but I have a sick feeling that it actually makes more sense than the stance the government has taken. I also keep hearing, “This is why we can’t have nice things…”

All of this Marxist/Communist Rot, will eventually come to a halt, when someone is elected who loves this country and Freedom. Our Country didn’t need any of the change that this Admin. is trying to impose on us. We HAD the best medical system, ( Devoid of Gov.) We had a good economy, ( When Republicans controlled congress ) We don’t need Federal control of our lives.

This kind of attitude is par for the course with the Gay Rights Activists. It was never about equality, it was about 100% acceptance and promotion. You WILL bake the cake. You WILL take the photos. As Erik Erikson wrote 2 years ago, you will be made to care. (linky for his article:

Posted something related to this topic on my blog yesterday:

Question for LI commenters who are heterosexual males:

In your mind, in your memory, go back to when you were in high school, say 15, 16, 17 years old. You’ve just been told that if you say you think you’re a girl you can go into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

What would you have done?

Thinking you were something you clearly were not used to be called delusional. Now it is called law.

It is an Obamanation!

I don’t think you all are giving girls enough credit.

They know how to be mean, especially when its warranted.

This will not go well for the trannies.

This it the lib two way logic. The majority gets to rule because that democracy. Then the majority rules that one individual gets to have special status and special accommodations which will impact an entire group and the group has no say. Every parent should pull their children out of that school until there is a better solution to that problem.

Pandora’s Box was opened when our culture and then SCOTUS gave a pass to the perversion of homosexuality.

As the prophets of old would say, “Good luck with that.”

    OK trolls. Why the thumbs down?

      It may be a response from the more libertarian minded people on this blog.

      I for one, do not want the state or the fed to start criminalizing sexual acts between two consenting ADULTS. It’s none of their business, it’s none of your business and it’s none of my business.

        No, I am not talking about “criminalizing sexual acts between two consenting ADULTS.” That is the hyperbole of the LGBT community and a straw man argument of Libertarians.

        I am saying that when any culture acquiesces to homosexuality it invites in a Trojan horse that soon destroys that culture. The Greek and Roman cultures did not survive homosexuality and the excesses of man, nor did Sodom and Gomorrah. But what is history when feelings are the new “tradition” and the new “rights”, and the “marriage” of two unnatural states.

        In fact, an unnatural state is what is depicted above and it is only a small fraction of the deterioration of our culture. Our children are increasingly being exposed to all manner of “crimes against nature.”

        Lasciviousness is not liberty. Having said that, what two adults do in their house only God sees and judges. As such, our children are kept apart from the societal rot unless, as noted above, it is forced upon them in, say, a girl’s locker room which can be considered an extension of their home.

        If you only believe in liberty and not in God then God help you.

        It is not liberty for Libertarians to be lascivious.

        Now, I ask you. Is Libertarianism license to do whatever one wants and undefined by any moral boundary and out in the open? I make it my business to secure culture to a cornerstone of history and moral imperatives and not to free-floating liberty.

        Unlicensed liberty is a primordial soup containing willfulness and rebellion in equal measure.

        I don’t think it is a coincidence that wherever homosexuality is accepted into a culture that anti-Semitism soon follows.

        The reason, I believe: the Hebrew Scriptures are the first to pronounce judgment on homosexuality and man’s wickedness. Ergo, homosexuals and anti-Semites have a common cause hatred for anything that would stop their narcissist rebellion in its tracks.

“Your daughters have to look at male genitalia in the locker room and shower, whether you or they like it or not.”

No, she will not. I homeschool. 🙂

    nanabluect in reply to Anonamom. | November 3, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    No, it is not whether we like it or not! can anyone see how the indoctrination is working on all of us. We believe we are defeated before we eveeen attempt to stop this. If our president can devise ways around the laws, so can we. Take your kids out of school. They work for us not the other way around. can anyone imagine what would happen if every one of us just stayed home one day. i am sure this will be pulled down but in case it is not, fight back. This is psychological warfare. for one, it is sexual assault for every girl in the locker room. the boy , he is a boy, is being difficult because he is being allowed all of the power. take back the power. keep your kids home. This govt is becoming a dictatorship against families. If we will not stand up, then who will? stop being so defeated, mobilize every family in your school. do not accept the raping of your daughters psychologically. Liberals have been teaching our children to be freaks, will we now allow them to make our children unsafe, or teach them to be passive victims. GET A BACKBONE AND JUST SAY NO, I AM NOT ACCEPTING THIS ANYMORE.

Here’s the test that should be used: tell the student in question that they have some kind of health/medical issue, and that it must be treated by injection immediately – there is one drug for males, and one for females. But if a male gets the female drug or a female gets the male drug, they die. Which drug will the student pick?

When will we start to takeour country back. I do not have school age kids. years ago, when my kids were in Junior High a group of us became fed up over changing policies that we did not like. We all kept our kids home for a week with the blue flu. When an entire class stayed home, the school noticed. Previously we were being brushed off, after they were willing to listen to our concerns and adjust their new policies. parents have to stop allowing the schools and govt to dictate what will happen with your children. School indoctrination has been going on for decades. i am 52 and my generation was always willing to push back but I notice my children’s generation just deals with what ever they get told without a whimper. STAND UP FOR YOUR KIDS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. IF THIS UNCHECKED POWER IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE, WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF KIDS? WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY TO WHATEVER THE GOVT DECIDES. WE ARE BEING FORCED INTO BECOMING A ISLAMIC COUNTRY, WITH CHRISTIANITY BEING PUSHED INTO THE CLOSET. LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES ARE THE SECOND MOST DANGEROUS IDEOLOGY ON EARTH AFYER ISLAM BECAUSE THE PROGRESSIVE AGENDA NEVER IS SATISFIED. WHENEVER THEY SEE HAPPY COMMUNITIES THEY ARE COMPELLED TO DESTROY IT. THIS IS SEXUAL BATTERY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. YOUR KIDS ARE BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY 1% OF THE STUDENT BODY. FIGHT BACK FOR GOD’S SAKE. YOUR CHILDRENS FUTURES ARE AT STAKE.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 3, 2015 at 3:43 pm

All the district has to do is say “no”.

Isn’t Friendly Grizzly correct about this? Charles Murray wrote a book on this recently. I haven’t read it yet, but this looks to be a perfect example of a bureaucratic rule that can be rejected.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to skzion. | November 3, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    I don’t know if I am right, but I am an ornery cuss when I need to be. I have made TSA drones back down, but have done so with their own rules.

    Many comment-makers are equating this ruling with the cake and photo travesties. I can see the connection, but want to take this opportunity to say this: I am homosexual. Plain and simple. Yet, if a bakery or a photo studio does not want my business, for whatever reason, I will just take my business elsewhere, and no hard feelings. I believe that any merchant, restaurateur, hotelier, or any other businessman should have the right to do business with whom they wish.

    The supreme court’s recognition of homosexual rights hasn’t a damned thing to do with this issue with merchants et al. The provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, defining private business as “public accommodation” DID. So, blame all those wonderful Republicans who passed that Act into law.

If the WH can say ‘yes’ without justification, then the local authorities can say ‘no’ with plenty of it.

nordic_prince | November 3, 2015 at 4:41 pm

“That sends a pretty strong signal to her that she’s not accepted and the district does not see her as girl.”

That’s right, you moron, because HE is MALE and therefore A BOY. You know – XY on the 23rd pair of chromosomes. Did you sleep through freshman biology? And whether he has surgery or not, that little XY in every cell of his body will not change and cannot be changed.

He is a male, and in dire need of psychological help to accept reality rather than live in denial and delusion ~

If I had a daughter in that school I would seek to file criminal charges for sexual assault and indecent exposure against the male student in question. I would see to have criminal charges brought against the school administrators, and I would sue the male student, his parents, and the school for civil damages for this sexual harassment of my daughter.

    Arminius in reply to Gary Britt. | November 4, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    You would have a very good chance of winning your case. Your children have rights under the law, and the DoE is operating lawlessly when they try to impose this crap on your children. Others have successfully sued to have school districts to force them to respect their childrens’ rights.

    But we can’t lose sight of what’s actually going on. This is just another attempt by left to destroy what they consider Bourgeois morality and values, and ultimately what Marx called the Bourgeois family which passes those values on from one generation to the next).

    The left can’t destroy Western Civilization without destroying the family, and the the values our civilization is based upon. So they’re willing to exploit mentally disturbed children to fabricate another lie about the supposed injustice of Western Civilization; gender roles as an oppressive social construct which only evil Western Civilization and capitalism inflict on the oppressed.

    As if “gender roles” don’t exist for a reason. As if “gender roles” don’t exist in China, or traditional societies in Subsaharan Africa, and heaven forbid you indulge your Islamophobia and point out the much more rigid and oppressive “gender roles” enforced in the Islamic world. The left has to portray America as uniquely evil in all respects so no honest portrayals can be allowed.

    Gender dysphoria, the idea that you’re trapped in the body of the wrong biological sex, is no more normal than species dysphoria, the delusion that you’re trapped in body of the wrong species. I.E. you’re really a non-human animal. The double irony is that many if not most of the same people who will tell you that biology and/or DNA is not destiny when it comes to “identifying” as male or female is destiny when it comes to being born a human being. But it’s just as impossible to change from male to female as it is to change from human to tiger (if you could ask the “cat man” it would be informative, but you can’t because he committed suicide when despite all the cosmetic surgery he underwent to disfigure his body he realized the impossibility of what he was trying to achieve, a fate that awaits a great many of the equally fictional transgenders).

    Since mental illnesses like species dysphoria and Body Identity Integrity Disorder (the delusion that you are really a disabled person trapped in a non-disabled body

    Arminius in reply to Gary Britt. | November 4, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    I was going to finish by saying since other types of delusions don’t serve leftist political goals then the people who suffer from them will get the care they need. But those who suffer from the delusion they’re a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa will continue to be exploited.

    The second irony I referred to is that without these supposed oppressive gender roles that the evil white European capitalist heteronormative patriarchy inflicts on oppressed “gender minorities” the supposedly transgendered wouldn’t know how to describe what it means to feel like being a woman trapped in the wrong body, or vice versa. Because psychiatrists who haven’t been completely politicized will tell you that these patients don’t actually think or feel like the opposite gender (especially when the mental health professional is of the same gender as the patient “identifies”). A man who believes he’s a woman trapped in the wrong body doesn’t know what it feels like to be a woman, and doesn’t think like a woman, but instead thinks and feels like a man who has been indoctrinated to believe in a stereotypical female gender role. And upon examination it’s actually this caricature of a woman he identifies with. He’s really taking cross dressing to a more extreme level.

    And again, vice versa. So without these “false societal constructs” there’d be no such thing as a transgendered person. Because the progressive left tells us that there is no difference between men and women, that they’re interchangeable. But those suffering from gender dysphoria strongly believe that men and women aren’t interchangeable, otherwise they wouldn’t be so convinced that it’s a matter of life or death that they live out the “false construct” of the “gender role” assigned by the oppressive patriarchy to the opposite sex.

Folks it’s way past time to tell the Federal Government to stick it!

What are they going to send US marshals to enforce this insanity?

This is a government so out of control and so out of touch!

Every school needs to refuse…. End of story!

The continuing destruction of our country by the Obama administration.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Common Sense. | November 3, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    “What are they going to send US marshals to enforce this insanity?”

    I wouldn’t put it past them.

    p1cunnin in reply to Common Sense. | November 4, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    The DOE doesn’t need the Marshals Service or a SWAT team to enforce their will. They have a better way — withhold several million dollars of Federal aid money. Works every time.

    If it is now incumbent upon the girls who want privacy to use the privacy curtains, then every girl who has to come in contact with “Student A” in a locker room should demand the curtains. And if “Student A” has any sort of physiological reaction to being in the presence of undressed girls, there are plenty of criminal statutes that can address that issue.

LGBT issues are always the tail that wags the dog. Everyone else must conform to LGBT needs and desires. There’s really nothing surprising about this situation.

Things will get interesting in the boys’ locker room when a surgically-uncorrected transboy (girl to boy) wants to use the showers.

Repubs should be nailing Dems to the wall on this one. Talk about a “War on Women”!

“Mrs. Clinton do you agree with the Obama Administration forcing young women to undress and shower in front of young men who say they feel like girls?”

I can solve this whole issue. It will mean BIG bucks for the citizens who insist on using public schools. I would build a gym with private booths for EVERY student. The building would be huge but everyone gets their private space. And then sit back and listen to the taxpayers scream bloody murder!