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Bad Lip Reading Dresses Down the Debates

Bad Lip Reading Dresses Down the Debates

“The white boy thinks it’s scooter time!”

As much as I love electoral politics, every once in a while it’s good to flip the switch, stop taking things so seriously, and enjoy a heartfelt laugh at the expense of the politicians working their tails off to convince me that I should support their campaigns.

Let’s not kid ourselves—this business is a circus, and we’re in the stands with slurpees and big pretzels, waiting for the animals to eat each other.

Fortunately, I’m not the only who likes to take out my mid-cycle high spirits on the candidates. The people at Bad Lip Reading took some highlights from the recent Democratic debate and did their worst with it.


I appreciate any offering that makes Bernie Sanders look like an even bigger nutcase.

The BLR team worked up the Republican debate, too:

If you’re really in the need for a laugh (or, if you need a Mitt Romney fix,) these gems go back at least as far as 2012.

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I have watched each of these probably a dozen times since they came out. Belly laughs!

hah hah! Clever stuff, thank you!