I have a column at USA Today, Time to talk about gun free zones.

Here is an excerpt:

Gun-free zones presume the good intentions of those entering the zone. And the overwhelming majority have such good intentions. But for those who have bad intentions, gun-free zones turn schools and other locations into shooting galleries. The good people are unarmed, the evil person is armed….

Gun-free zones achieve the opposite of what is intended. Rather than making good people safer, it puts them at the mercy of the evil people.

You know the drill. You go over to USA Today, read the whole thing, and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

There has been an attempt by Think Progress and some others to dispute whether the campus and/or buildings were gun free zones, but it’s pretty clear they were:

Also see an explanation at Breitbart.com, The Federalist, and Vocativ:

Under state law, people in Oregon could carry concealed firearms on college campuses like the one where a gunman killed nine people and wounded several others on Thursday. However, Umpqua Community College has been established as a gun-free zone thanks to a loophole in state law that has made every third-level institution in the state almost entirely gun-free.

Bonus Question: Would you rather send your children to a school with a large “Gun-Free Zone” sign, or one that has a sign like the Featured Image, which is at Ft. Davis (TX) High School?

UPDATE 10-6-2015 – h/t Patterico, here is the UCC President confirming “we have a no guns on campus policy” (earlier in the video she confirmed the security on campus was unarmed):


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