When Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton had an event in South Florida earlier this month, he Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) sent a staffer armed with a video camera and a devastatingly damaging question: “Can you name her accomplishments?”

On Wednesday, RPOF released a YouTube video showing Hillary supporters enthusiastically voicing their loyalty to her, but then stumbling when asked to name her top two accomplishments as either Secretary of State or when she represented New York in the Senate.

“To be honest with you, I’m not too sure,” says one supporter. “I couldn’t tell you,” says another.

“Ummm, well, I’ll be pretty honest with you, I didn’t follow her very much when she was involved with those positions,” says the third Hillary fan shown in the video compelled to “honest” about being unable to name any of her accomplishments.

The very few specific answers were not incredibly helpful, with one supporter mentioning that while he felt she had improved women’s rights in the Middle East, the “worst thing” she had done as Secretary of State was “Benghazi,” while his friend smirks and agrees.

Another mentioned that Clinton was a lawyer, which was “super hard to achieve.” Clinton may not have flunked the bar exam multiple times like former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, but the overwhelming number of attorneys who are represented in American elected offices makes this an underwhelming argument for Clinton.

Humorously, the same supporter who gave Clinton credit for being a lawyer also gave her kudos for being First Lady. “Being the President’s wife is hard as well,” she says, a comment that rings especially true when considering Bill Clinton’s…shall we say…extracurricular activities?

This isn’t the first time that this particular gimmick has been tried — PJ Media’s Michelle Fields did a similar, viciously effective video back in May 2014 — but there is still something incredibly fun about trolling Hillary Clinton using her own supporters at her own event.

With Vice President Joe Biden deciding to sit out the 2016 contest, and Bernie Sanders refusing to directly attack Clinton at the last Democratic debate, Clinton is solidifying her grasp on her party’s presidential nomination, and this RPOF video will most certainly not be the last attack of this type against her. In a statement released by RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia with the video, he criticized her political record as “abundant in flip-flops, personal conveniences, and political expediency.”

Clinton’s “resume clearly lacks a successful record of accomplishments, leadership, and transparency. Our nation deserves an effective leader that is ready to build a healthy, robust economy that creates opportunity and growth for all Americans,” said Ingoglia.

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