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CNN GOP First Presidential Debate: Watch live and join our liveblog

CNN GOP First Presidential Debate: Watch live and join our liveblog

Round 1: Fight!

Howdy and thanks so much for joining us tonight! This is the first of two debate posts this evening.

First of all, cable or no cable, you can watch the debate if you have an internet connection. CNN is streaming both debates for free, but it will only work if you are in the United States:

If you don’t have cable, you’ll still be able to watch CNN’s Republican primary debate on Wednesday night, because the network is live streaming it for free on the web.

The livestream will be front and center on between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET. It’ll also be available through the news organization’s apps and the CNNgo web site.

In tonight’s early debate, we have:

  • Bobby Jindal
  • Rick Santorum
  • Lindsey Graham
  • George Pataki.

Watch real time debate reaction:

To providing a wide array of real time reactions, we’ve included a few different Twitter feeds for your entertainment. You’ll find those beneath.

Join the conversation:

But here’s the fun part. We want to hear from YOU. Questions, observations, thoughts, ideas? Share them in the comments section beneath. Amy and I will address them directly on the blog. Please keep them civil, appropriate, and debate-focused. We can’t promise we will get to every single one, but we will do our best.

Are you ready? Let the games begin!

Post-debate UPDATE by WAJ: Here are my tweets and retweets of the night and take on the “result”:

Legal Insurrection Authors:

Political media reaction:


Some of the night’s best moments:

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Would rather hear from Bobby Jindal than Fiorina on main stage tonoc.

Go Bobby! He had the best opening statement.

Trumpophobes claiming to be conservatives and Republicans are joined on the eve of the second debate by new anti-Trump allies Barrack Obama and Joe Biden.

Obama lashes out at Trump

Biden plays race card against Trump

Reminder: It’s nice to make new BFFs, but remember that the company you keep around you reflects the Character that’s within you.

All losers. Why they even have this is beyond me.

I think Jindal is the only one I like and he lost it by trashing trump.

It’s certainly clear why Santorum is polling at about 1%. He’s a freaking moron.