On “Fox and Friends” Monday morning, Fiorina spoke about numerous issues including Hillary Clinton, defunding Planned Parenthood, the refugee crisis, and her birthday.

Fiorina also suggested Donald Trump, “throw a little more heat at Hillary.”

“Going after Donald Trump hasn’t really gone well for other candidates who a lot of people aren’t really talking about that much about anymore. Is that a smart line of attack to go after The Donald?” asked a Fox News host.

Ed Henry also asked about Trump saying, “I want to give you a chance to defend Donald Trump and maybe give us an idea of your line of attack against Hillary Clinton in the days ahead… it sounded to me that she’s trying to revive this talk about a war on women.”

Leading with the second part of Henry’s question, Fiorina responded [emphasis added]:

Boo hoo Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is the same person who compared Republicans to terrorists. For heaven sakes, I actually wish Mr. Trump would throw a little more heat Hillary Clinton’s way. I feel sometimes I’m the only candidate who’s consistently been critical of her.

The truth is, Mrs. Clinton has lied as Secretary of State about Benghazi, about her emails, about her server. So when she revives this war on women and make no mistake she will, this is her go-to line.

Of course we know now that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a lot to do with women’s health. It does have to do with the character of this nation, and I hope very much that our leaders in Congress will once and for all pass the Pain Capable Childhood Protection Act and defund Planned Parenthood.”

Fiorina also weighed in on the refugee crisis saying:

“The world is a more dangerous and more tragic place when the United States is not leading and we have not been leading for a long time. Neither President Obama nor Secretary of State Clinton led, so three years ago in Syria, there were a lot of options available to us. But this administration stood back from all of those options and when you fail to lead, what happens over time, is your options diminish and situations worsen. That’s happened in Ukraine and Russia, it’s happened in Syria.

This refugee crisis and it is heart breaking beyond belief, but it was entirely predictable. In face, the UN estimates there are somewhere between 43 and 60 million people on the move, trying to escape conflict zones and so we knew this was coming.

It has absolutely been a lack of leadership on Obama and on Clinton’s part.”

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