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Branco Cartoon – State Of Denial


Conservative Beaner | September 7, 2015 at 9:35 am

Maybe the green mountain on the right should be red and the national listed on it. The name should Mt. Debt

C’mon, Branco! Where’s the TOTUS? You don’t expect us to believe he could do that without a teleprompter?

This a great cartoon: the juxtaposition of Obama saying one thing and doing the opposite absurd grandiose thing against the backdrop of the mountain in the “room.”

Mt. DENIAL! Yep!

To really capture the moment, Obama should hoist the rainbow flag to commemorate the reestablishment of institutional discrimination under his pro-choice/selective exclusion policy. The Court’s ruling for congruence (“=”) with an arbitrary but selective modulus should be cause for celebration, right?

Sorry, I missed “Mt Denial”. Let me add: perfect!

The Chuzpah of this clown is amazing. I’ve never seen so many Bold Lies Being Told by one idiot.