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Gun Hating Little House on the Prairie Star Running for Congress

Gun Hating Little House on the Prairie Star Running for Congress

What would Laura Ingalls Wilder say?

As a member of Generation X, I have a very clear memory of 1970’s TV shows. In the days before cable, our choices were limited but the quality of many shows was much higher.

Every week, my entire family would sit down together to watch certain programs and one of them was Little House on the Prairie, which was based on a classic series of books by real life settler Laura Ingalls Wilder.

You’ve probably heard of the show and the books, but you may not have heard that Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on TV, is running for congress in Michigan.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Melissa Gilbert running for Congress

Actress Melissa Gilbert, best known for her portrayal of Laura Ingalls Wilder on NBC’s “Little House on the Prairie” in the 1970s and ‘80s, said Monday she will run for Congress in Michigan’s 8th District — though her campaign will have to tamp down questions about a tax bill.

Gilbert, who lives in Livingston County with her husband, actor Timothy Busfield, is running as a Democrat in a district that has been a Republican stronghold in recent elections: U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, won the race to replace former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Howell, last year, beating Democrat Eric Schertzing, 54%-42%.

Here’s the disappointing part: Gilbert has a rather typically progressive view on guns, the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association.

Shortly after a shooting in Santa Monica in 2013, Gilbert let her anti-gun vitriol fly on Twitter.

Here’s what she said, via Twitchy:

Here’s a question for Ms. Gilbert: Did the drafters if the Constitution and Bill of Rights have television or Twitter in mind when they wrote the First Amendment?

Perhaps Gilbert should take a lesson from the real Laura Ingalls Wilder (emphasis is mine):

The Little House books are replete with descriptions — some in exhaustive, “how-to” levels of detail — of the ways in which simple people with few resources manage to provide for themselves a broad array of both necessities and luxuries…

Across the series, a reader learns how to feed himself off the land. He is told how one hunts, kills, and skins a deer; how to smoke and preserve meat in a hollowed-out tree; how to butcher a hog and turn it into ribs, hams, head cheese, and a toy balloon (out of the pig’s bladder)…

Clothing, shelter, medicine, and a slew of other necessities are supplied by the families’ own hands. Through Wilder’s descriptions, a reader learns how to melt lead to mold bullets and clean and care for a gun.

We have to give the left a few points for consistency.

They never stop pushing greater gun control.

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Laura Ingalls Wilder, One of America’s First Libertarians, in Little House on the Prairie:

“Americans won’t obey any king on earth. Americans are free. That means they have to obey their own consciences.”

Melissa Gilbert, brainless former child actor cum Democrat, on Twitter:

ur lobbyists have done nothing but pressure our leaders 2 do nothing 2 change status quo. U keep putting guns in ppls hands.

Sometime the comeback “Shut up and act” seems the only appropriate response. This would be one of those times.

Maybe Ted Nugent should relocate to the same district.

That’d be cool…

I agree with Amy. Laura Wilder’s daughter Rose was a well known strong libertarian. She helped her mother with those books, and they were very popular with kids like me growing up before there was a tv show. I don’t think of Gilbert as Laura, for I had made an image of her when I was young that she could not replace.

I read the little house books growing up, and while the early shows seemed reflective, it got goofier and further from the books as the years dragged on.

I live in Michigan, and we are still a pretty strong gun rights state. She is a Democrat with canned Democrat solutions to problems.

She fell on hard times because she wasn’t in demand and could not adapt. Was president of the actors union and sees herself as Ronald Reagan, I guess.

That would be the one who thinks taxes are for the little people.

I guess it was typecasting to have her as the servant of the Shadows on Babylon 5.

Melissa Gilbert, Big Grouse on the Prairie, must believe that only select people have rights and that incremental tyranny is a viable option.

Gilbert forgets that the majority of the people of this nation (including NRA members) respect the rule of law and their neighbor in so doing. It is in fact the Obama administration and folks like Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton who violate the laws of the land to justify their ends. They will ignore laws that Gilbert and I must follow or we go to jail. Melissa, that is where the danger lies-lawlessness justified as a means to an end.

Melissa Gilbert, because of your anti-gun position, I now hold u responsible in part for supporting every radical Islamist murder of innocent unarmed people in this country.

A gun control nut in the 8th District?

Not a chance of being elected. Not. A. Chance.

The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners will be all over this one, as I’m pretty sure that the HQ actually sits within the district (if not, it’s just outside the district line. It depends on where downtown sits).

She obviously needs a little fact-check before she developes her moonbat platform. But then, if facts matter, we wouldn’t have problems in Ferguson.

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | August 11, 2015 at 2:33 pm

She was “Nellie” right?

I don’t mean Obama.

Livingston County is changing though. When I first moved here in 1988 there wasn’t even a permanent democrat hq. They rented an empty store on Grand River just west of Main Street. Pathetic looking place at the time.
I think there’s one dem office holder who ran for some committee, unopposed, in the entire community last election.
Our local rag though was bought by the obama loving, lefty liberal Detroit Free Press and as a result the opinion pages are basically dem talking points. Lot of liberals use FB to reply about any stories with dem talking points.
Bishop is pretty much a Chamber of Commerce idiot, he’s been with the republicans that voted for obama’s policies. I half expect him to push for amnesty also.
Hoping we have a Tea Party candidate as I doubt I’d vote if the choice was between gilber and bishop.
Seeing too many ready for hitlery bumper stickers. It is the penalty of being a successful county though, it attracts the dem riff raff parasites who come to live off the host community. Still some years away from changing but very worriesome.
Scroll down to see his voting pattern. Almost as much blue as red.