Don’t ever change, Internet. Otherwise how else would we be able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like this hillbilly banjo band hilariously heckling marathon runners?

From a local Fox News affiliate in Franklin, TN:

Marathon runners in Leiper’s Fork were greeted with an unexpected surprise along their route in Franklin Half Marathon a few weeks ago.

Runners usually expect to see friends and family as they run, but it’s not often that they see a hillbilly band parked along the side of the path to heckle them.

Serenading runners with “Dueling Banjos”, the hillbilly band set up on the back of a truck, under the cover of a patio umbrella. Hollering things like, “where ya going?” “where y’all running from?” “what’s your hurry?” and “slow down young man!” one gentleman beat a trash can lid on the side of a water trough and another bare-chested, overall-clad man danced a jig and chased runners around. Yet another man, who was lounging atop a five gallon paint drum in cut off cammo pants, joined his overalled companion in dancing a jig while brandishing an ax.

It’s a perfect slice of internet heaven:

Why? Because life is too short not to enjoy a good hillbilly heckling.

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