When Islamic radicals opened fire at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo yesterday, a small group of French police officers rushed to the scene and then immediately fled—because they weren’t armed.

Awr Hawkins of Breitbart reported:

Unarmed Paris Police Officers Forced to Flee as Armed Terrorists Attack

During the January 7 terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, several Paris police officers fled, unable to disarm the threat, because they themselves were unarmed and outgunned.

Breitbart News previously reported that “black-hooded-men” with Kalashnikovs entered the Charlie Hedbo headquarters and opened fire, killing 12 people–including those who were killed outside the building as the gunmen headed back to their car.

CBS News relayed reports from Britain’s Telegraph newspaper that the first two officers to arrive “were apparently unarmed” and “fled after seeing gunmen armed with automatic weapons and possibly a grenade launcher.”

This isn’t meant to be a jab at French police officers. They were simply operating within the confines of France’s law enforcement policies. In fact, two of them lost their lives in the attack.

Noah Rothman of Hot Air notes:

Unarmed French police literally retreated in the face of Islamist attackers

The two French police officers, who both lost their lives in the effort to prevent the Charlie Hebdo attackers from executing their grim mission, are heroes. Their sacrifice in defense of their fellow citizens is beyond noble, and their bravery will be remembered in the coming days.

It is not a knock on Parisian police but French domestic policy to note and criticize the fact that the first responders who arrived at the scene on bicycles and without defensive weaponry were entirely unprepared to face an ongoing attack by murderous, AK-47-wieldling Islamist gunmen. The first police to arrive at the scene of the attack were forced to withdraw in the face of superior firepower.

Think about what happened at Charlie Hebdo the next time there are calls to disarm not only the police, but also citizens.

In France, when seconds counted the police were minutes away, and unarmed.

Featured image via YouTube.