I just stumbled on this video from Conservative War Chest at FOX Nation and there’s only one word to describe it.


This spot goes after Obama, the Democratic Party and the liberal media. It perfectly captures the mood of conservative post-midterm America.

Check it out:

Here’s the description from Conservative War Chest:

Obama Putting at Risk “What’s Best About America”

(Washington, DC)—“As families gather to celebrate the American miracle, many are troubled and in disbelief this Thanksgiving because the President of the United States has “gone rogue” and is abetted by a compliant media,” Mike Flynn, spokesman of Conservative War Chest said announcing the new 2-minute television ad. “Just weeks ago, millions of Americans voted for a new direction in this country. Unfortunately, the President has chosen to slip the surly bonds of politics and ignore the voters,” Flynn added.

Well said.

Featured image via YouTube.


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