The violence that gripped Ferguson, MO in the wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson has spread to multiple cities across the US.



Los Angeles

Meanwhile in Ferguson, things are quieter, but still tense:

West Florissant Avenue, a Ferguson commercial strip now being treated as a crime scene after an arson spree, was still barricaded by the police on Wednesday. National Guard troops in camouflage uniforms, who were largely limited to protecting government buildings two nights earlier, fanned out across the city, taking up positions along street corners and at intersections.

Throughout demonstrations on Tuesday night, the Guard responded to disturbances, turning back demonstrators from a drugstore that had been surrounded by the police and helping officers make arrests outside the Police Department. Although windows at Ferguson’s City Hall were shattered and a police car was flipped and burned, law enforcement officials said the more assertive response had helped curb the chaos that prevailed on Monday.

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