It’s almost over.

The election cycle, that is. It’s been a bizarre one, and I think we’re all about ready for a little peace and quiet from our phones, front doors, and inboxes.

But before we put the ads, e-mails, and stump speeches behind us (we still have a few days to go, after all,) we’d like to take a look back at the best (or worst? we can’t really decide) ads of the election cycle.

Our nomination comes to you out of the great state of Texas, courtesy of the David Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor Campaign:

This gem of an online ad was born from claims made by the Dewhurst campaign that opponent Dan Patrick changed his name from Danny Goeb to hide a series of debts eventually discharged in bankruptcy court. Politifact made moves to debunk the campaign’s claim, but the Dewhurst campaign’s “Frozen” parody remains.

Have your own nomination? Post to the comments along with a little bit of background, and we’ll announce the final winner on Monday.

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