The video of Martha Robertson, the Democratic challenger being laughed at when she lobbed a contrived “War Against Woman” accusation at incumbent Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23), has gone viral.

It has been picked up far and wide, and as of this writing has over 92,000 views on YouTube, up from 15,000 when I wrote a post about it on Friday, Martha Robertson “not ready for prime time” after War Against Women debate attack:

The line was laughable not just for the contrived way in which it was delivered, but also because it made no sense to anyone with local knowledge of Tom Reed. He is the epitome of someone who does not wage a war against women. He is known to be respectful and thoughtful both in his demeanor and consideration of legislation.

Robertson, once again, obviously was just reading from a playbook, but using it against the wrong person.

The “War Against Women” attack was a major blunder according the post-debate this analysis on the TV station that ran the debate: …

“That shows me that Martha Robertson is not ready for primetime.”

The crowd reaction is being held up as part of a broader national narrative of the Democrats “War on Women” being a laugh line that does not reflect the reality that more and more women are siding with Republicans:

Fox and Friends War on Women Poll Support Republicans

Here’s the discussion on Fox and Friends this morning:

It’s too late before the midterms for Democrats to shift tactics, they are too invested in the War on Women. But if, as predicted, Democrats suffer meaningful losses, perhaps Democrats will have to find a new war to fight.


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