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Debate crowd laughter may signal death knell for Democratic “War on Women” theme (#NY23)

Debate crowd laughter may signal death knell for Democratic “War on Women” theme (#NY23)

Martha Robertson practically being laughed off stage may signal public is fed up with “War on Women” attacks.

The video of Martha Robertson, the Democratic challenger being laughed at when she lobbed a contrived “War Against Woman” accusation at incumbent Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23), has gone viral.

It has been picked up far and wide, and as of this writing has over 92,000 views on YouTube, up from 15,000 when I wrote a post about it on Friday, Martha Robertson “not ready for prime time” after War Against Women debate attack:

The line was laughable not just for the contrived way in which it was delivered, but also because it made no sense to anyone with local knowledge of Tom Reed. He is the epitome of someone who does not wage a war against women. He is known to be respectful and thoughtful both in his demeanor and consideration of legislation.

Robertson, once again, obviously was just reading from a playbook, but using it against the wrong person.

The “War Against Women” attack was a major blunder according the post-debate this analysis on the TV station that ran the debate: …

“That shows me that Martha Robertson is not ready for primetime.”

The crowd reaction is being held up as part of a broader national narrative of the Democrats “War on Women” being a laugh line that does not reflect the reality that more and more women are siding with Republicans:

Fox and Friends War on Women Poll Support Republicans

Here’s the discussion on Fox and Friends this morning:

It’s too late before the midterms for Democrats to shift tactics, they are too invested in the War on Women. But if, as predicted, Democrats suffer meaningful losses, perhaps Democrats will have to find a new war to fight.


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Uh oh. Looks like a page came loose from the dopey binder.

I think the results reflect a change in the way women perceive threats in their environment.

And virtually all Americans feel more threatened…and with excellent reasons…every passing day of the Obamic Decline.

Extreme Liberal waging #WarOnSanity being laughed at to. their. face. during their campaign debate?


For the love of God, one would hope that this finally signals the end of that phony meme.

I think that prof Jacobson may soon be accused of conducting a war on wymmynz for picking on The Sweet Princess Robertson.

No wonder the President and his Lapdogs are doing such an appalling job of fighting the IslamoNazis of ISIS(and ALL others of their ilk)when they’re expending so much time, energy and $$$$ on defending their po’wittle female victims!!

And her first reaction is to make sure that she gets to talk longer because of the derision from the crowd. That just strikes me as so elitist and tone-deaf…

The best public service message for the GOP out there done with the same smugness which she admires in Obama. Martha left “The Land of OZ” (Ithaca/Tompkins Cty.) and forgot to know her audience in the neighboring county that her “War on Women” agenda does not play well in Kansas.

Martha tried to serve up the “War on Women” meme thinking the audience was full of Low Info Voters. Look lady, if those New Yorkers took the trouble to get dressed up and show up at your little debate, I would bet they were High Information Voters. They know it’s a question of who pays for contraceptives, not denying access to them.

Dems would never ever win an election if forced to actually tell the truth about issues.