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White House Quietly Releases Regulatory Agenda on Holiday Weekend

White House Quietly Releases Regulatory Agenda on Holiday Weekend

Most transparent administration, eva!

The Obama administration is fond of releasing news on Fridays and holiday weekends. Most people aren’t paying close attention to the media and a story can easily get buried without notice.

Benjamin Goad of The Hill writes…

White House unveils regulatory agenda

The White House unveiled its semiannual regulatory agenda Friday, detailing its plans for thousands of rules in the pipeline at agencies across the federal government.

The release is the fourth consecutive time that the Obama administration has issued its regulatory roadmap on the eve of a major federal holiday, as many Americans depart for long weekends and there is typically less media coverage.

Formally known as the Unified Agenda, the document is an agency-by-agency list of rules in the works at some 60 departments and offices. It includes both executive branch agencies, such as the Transportation or Commerce Departments and independent agencies, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Reserve.

Regulators have a statutory obligation to release the rule-making agenda in the spring and fall, historically in April and October, that details the plans and anticipated deadlines over a 12-month period.

Business owners and job creators are already suffering under the tremendous weight of confusing regulations related to Obamacare, so any introduction of new rules deserves attention.

The fact that the administration chose to release the new rules on a holiday weekend makes them even more suspect.


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I have to quibble with you over the use of “suspect”.

There remains nothing to be “suspicious” about concerning Pres. ScamWOW. We know him. We know his intent. We know his conduct. We know the kind of people he has put in power.

    ConstConserv in reply to Ragspierre. | May 27, 2014 at 8:44 am

    WHY do we put up with Obama’s excrement!? Time for PEOPLE to say, “No mas!” Ignore feds (as they ignore DOMA, Black Panther vote intimidation, etc.)! States and the People need to just do it! That is, 1)DO NOT comply with coal standards that are not even technologically viable yet and 2)just go ahead and stage equipment and BUILD Keystone (for just two examples).
    WE have the legal underpinnings for such actions; outrageous fed regs DO NOT!

I distrust any politician or government employee with an agenda. I trust one with a “Unified Agenda” even less.
The states and the people will be giving up more power and control to a stronger central government. Something we were warned about around 1772