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Branco Cartoon – Nothing To See Here


Juba Doobai! | May 29, 2014 at 10:47 am

Waits of 115 days, minimum, no matter how life threatening the disease; go away and come back later, we can’t help you now cuz no room in the VA-certified hospital; these are some of the delights awaiting Americans, Obama having succeeded at wrecking the health care system.

Good cartoon. Unfortunately, America is the Titanic.

One aspect of the VA Scandal that also pertains to where Obamacare is taking us is the push to claim these hospitals, like colleges and universities, are anchor institutions that cities can build planned economies around. Not well-functioning economies. Only economies that work like the VA to soak up taxpayer money with no incentive to do anything properly.

Institutions and businesses are now asserted to exist for the purpose of well-paying jobs instead of desired products created jobs. The difference of a bottomless pit absorbing more money than value and the prosperity we all want to see again.

Same is true in education. Bottomless pits of greed and getting worse as the price tag rises.

That is profound! And so very, very true. Well done Mr. Branco.