After the Parks Service erected barricades at the World War II Memorial on orders from the Obama administration, Veterans showed up today to protest.

Claire McCaskill (D-MO) also showed up.  She decried people playing politics, but then launched into an attack on the Tea Party:

McCaskill: “The thing that’s a little confusing is how many people are here who don’t have veterans from their states. I’m sure why they’re here other than to play politics on the backs of veterans. Which I think is bad manners.”

Reporter: “There was nothing from the park services trying to stop — I mean the barricades –”

McCaskill: “Of course not. The people who are in park service have a lot more common sense than the Tea Party.”

When Joe Schoffstall of the Capitol City Project asked McCaskill to expand on her comments about the Tea Party, she curtly said, “No,” and her handler stopped the interview.

The video was captured by the Capitol City Project, a new startup I’ve been working on getting ready for launch in just a few weeks. The mission is to tell the story of the Capitol City DC through investigative reporting that focuses on the insider club scene that is this town. The power lunches, the behind-the-scenes coalescing between the parties, staffer control, and a glimpse into the boomtown on the Potomac.

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