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Two arrests as robberies continue to hit San Francisco Bay Area news crews

Two arrests as robberies continue to hit San Francisco Bay Area news crews

Two 19-year old men have been charged with robbery, weapons and conspiracy offenses after a San Francisco television reporter was robbed of his equipment Friday.  A security guard accompanying the reporter fired shots upon the men during the confrontation.

From Reuters:

Two teenagers have been arrested after a San Francisco television reporter was robbed and his security guard opened fire on the suspects, in the latest of a number of robberies targeting local television news crews and photojournalists.

KRON 4 reporter Jeff Bush and the security guard were working on a story on Friday in San Francisco’s Bayview district, a high-crime area, when two armed men demanded Bush’s equipment, the station said in a story on its website.

Bush “immediately surrendered the equipment and took cover,” the station said in the post. The security guard accompanying him fired shots, hitting one of the gunmen, the station reported.

Neither Bush nor the security guard was wounded, KRON 4 said.

The arrests come after a series of similar incidents in the area targeting journalists and news crews, which has in part prompted many news outlets to send security personnel with reporters as they cover stories in some areas, according to CBS News.

In August, a KGO-TV news crew, accompanied by a security guard, was robbed of its camera equipment at gunpoint in West Oakland.

Media personnel in the area have also occasionally found themselves targets of another sort in the midst of covering protests as well.

In July, members of various news crews were attacked during protests against the Zimmerman verdict in and around Oakland on several occasions.

And in November 2011, Occupy Oakland protesters turned on a KGO-TV cameraman as he tried to cover the scene of a shooting near the encampment, leaving him with a mild concussion.  The incident prompted the Oakland Police Department to release a statement warning journalists of potential risks to their safety.


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The security guard accompanying him fired shots, hitting one of the gunmen, the station reported.

Fired shots from what, exactly? It sounds like he was carrying a…gasp!…gun, to defend himself!

Surely they will arrest him, to get that gun off the streets of San Francisco before somebody gets hurt.

If Obamacare provided an armed guard to secure our health, that might have changed my opinion of it.

Until then, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Molon Labe.

The DOJ, IRS, SS and NSA are watching such overzealous and uncaring racists as the security guard who dare to discourage Obama’s sons in their early experiments in entrepreneurship. Same with Zimmerman, the nosy, overprotective, racist neighborhood watchman.

How can these young African-American business leaders afford to buy their Codeine, Skittles, Arizona Tea, Cubans, Ganga, gold grilles and LeBron Jameses if these nosy people keep resisting their sales pitches? How Obama’s Sons they make a buck home with guns when the youth go from door to door seeking ‘donations’ for their business ventures?

How can Obama’s Sons enlist other young people in sales activities if their clientele are killed while encouraging ‘donations’ from strangers on the street because the strangers are armed?

The Sodom and Gomorrah socialist cesspool of Bankruptifornia continues to descend into a primitive jungle the makes the Planet of the Apes seem civilized.

Rick the Curmudgeon | September 29, 2013 at 6:15 pm

Guards cameras with guns, school children with “Gun-Free Zones” signs…

It is curious that the news crews have armed guards. It’s almost as if someone at the station management has made the connection that armed security protects what is important to you.

I’m wondering if Prof. Jacobson, who has been just genius in getting people in power to comment, could get the station manager on record on this one. Might be highly entertaining and interesting.

amatuerwrangler | September 29, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Interesting indeed. This is part of the local press corps that is in the bag for anti-gun politicians at all levels of government. They think that having police officers around makes it unnecessary for citizens to be able to defend themselves. They often call them “vigilantes” and accuse them of “taking the law into their own hands”. Then they hire guns to protect not their people but their property (cameras and other gear). Such hypocrisy.

You will be interested to know that Obamacare is involved as one of those “aspiring entrepreneurs” suffered a touch of lead poisoning. Workplace violence possibly?

youts? Of unknown origin?

Reckless of them to shoot at their assailants. The MSM-approved protocol is for victims to call 9-1-1 and wait patiently (trembling optional) for the police to come defend them. Couple of Charles Bronson wannabes right there.

The security guard accompanying him fired shots, hitting one of the gunmen, the station reported.

Wait a minute–a firearm was use to protect property?

Isn’t it against the law in California to use deadly force without an imminent threat of grave bodily harm?

What chance is there that this security guard will be prosecuted for improper use of deadly force? You know you or I would be.

Have no sympathy for these corrupt clowns.

Their getting a taste of the damage they’ve done to our society is wonderful.

Screw ’em.

amatuerwrangler | September 29, 2013 at 11:48 pm

mariner- very slim. Robbery is a crime against the person. The offenders were armed, so that handles the the ability to inflict the harm, and the “money or your life” (or “your camera equipment of your life” I guess here)is the threat.
Buy Andrew’s book, its all in there.

Phillep Harding | September 30, 2013 at 11:35 am

That depends on details we are not given. Did the guard open fire immediately? (maybe good shoot) Did the bandits put their firearms away and start leaving the scene? (probably bad shoot)

I do not agree with the second, but I think that is usually the way the courts work.

Chaos only knows how it will work out if a jury becomes involved.